Here are the favorite contracts for each state in terms of design

Joybird has compiled a list of the 20 most popular design trends and decor items from every decade, from the 1950s to the 2000s.

LOS ANGELES — Joybird, an electronic retailer and manufacturer of upholstered furniture, has compiled a list of the 20 most popular design trends and décor items from every decade, from the 1950s to the 2000s.

After using sources like Apartment Therapy, Domino, and Bob Villa, Joybird has also leveraged Google Trends data over the past year to analyze interest in finding the most sought-after trends and decors by state each decade. The average search volume across all search terms was then calculated to discover each state’s preferred design era.

When it comes to the most impressive furniture styles by decade, the 1950s stood out from the pack and had the most search volume in 14 states, including places like California, New York, Michigan, and Texas.

The swing decade of the 1960s was the most researched decade of interior design in eight states, including Nevada, South Dakota, and Washington. The egg chair in particular is trending in searches, which was recently renovated for outdoor seating to fit modern decorations.

The most popular design trends of the fifties

50’s Trends Set by Joybird

The 1950s were filled with the civil rights movement, dinner milkshakes, and Mickey Mouse and Elvis Presley were playing on the radio. Designs like the tulip chair were more popular in New York and Michigan, while other states like Pennsylvania and Texas had the highest volume of search for exposed beams, giving the space an open, industrial feel.

Other popular home decor trends in the 1950s were pastel refrigerators in six states including Washington and Illinois.

The most popular design trends of the 1960s

Joybird 60s Trends

Sixties trends defined by Joybird

Explosive patterns and bold pops of work like Andy Warhol’s work have influenced interior design for decades and have gone on to live in states like Wyoming, Alaska, and Rhode Island.

Modular sofas had the highest search volume in Iowa, Missouri, and Maryland. Hippie-like decor has been updated in the past, however, vintage looks are still largely incorporated into homes today.

The most popular design trends of the 70s

70s joybird trends

’70s Trends Set by Joybird

Avocado-colored refrigerators were the most popular trend in the 1970s in four states. Places like Texas and Virginia are refreshing the muted olive tone in appliances, sofas, and cabinets.

Macramé, a boho-style wall art feature, is the most sought after in three states. Shiplap, also known as wood paneling, was a widely researched trend in the 1970s and is used as a defining feature to liven up boring walls. Nine states, including Rhode Island, Utah, and Maine, have taken a keen interest in the trend, enjoying the eclectic glamour the 1970s provided.

The most popular design trends of the 80s

80's trends defined by Joybird

80’s trends defined by Joybird

The ’80s brought us arched doorways, tropical prints, and geometric motifs, all of which are making a comeback in part thanks to the Netflix series Stranger Things. Polished brass fixtures were most admired by Virginia, Wyoming, and South Carolina. Often compared to gold fixtures, brass is a go-to in a variety of homes because it requires relatively low maintenance.

Tambourine wood also increased in popularity, allowing colors such as cherry, white oak, walnut, and maple to be used for ceilings, floors, and doors. The pastel designs and shabby chic of the ’80s were so beloved in Connecticut that neon lights were the most searched trend of the decade.

The most popular design trends of the ’90s

90s trends defined by Joybird

90s trends defined by Joybird

New Jersey and Pennsylvania have found a deep love for bright, clean beauty, especially in their kitchens. Mid-century natural elements plus built-in bookshelves have stolen the show in places like Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, and Texas.

The 1990s had 13 states and decorated beds with the highest search rates.

The most popular design trends of the 2000s

2000s trends set by Joybird

2000s trends set by Joybird

The 2000s (2000 to 2010) stole the show in six states in places like Georgia and New Mexico with granite countertops being the most researched design trend of the era.

Flat screen televisions installed had the largest search volume in nine states, and McMansions were the most searched in Wyoming, Alaska, and North Dakota. These homes signaled the height of the boom before the 2008 housing crash, but often had different styles, materials, and structures to give the look of an exaggerated fun home.

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