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Last year, the GRAMMY Awards Updated the category for Best World Music Album Top Global Music Album to honor artists around the world. But why stop there?

On Tuesday, September 28, will premiere its newest digital series: Global Spin, a performance series featuring artists from around the world. Each episode of Global Spin will feature a performance by an important artist or group and celebrate both the creators and their country.

Ventilation every other week on Tuesdays at 10:00 PT/1pm ET at the Recording Academy official YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram pageand Twitter profileGlobal Spin is the new home of global music on, where the celebration of the genre and the focus of the international artist community is. Approved for performances by exciting artists like Cuban singer/songwriter Eme Alfonso and Nigerian rapper Candy Bleakz, Global Spin will keep fans of the international music community hooked on one of the most exciting avenues in music.

“Music is something that transcends borders,” Alina Vision, Content Producer at Recording Academy and creator and co-producer of Global Spin, tells “We are excited to celebrate the global music community and take our listeners on a worldwide journey through music.”

“I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to help showcase global music and shine a light on all the talented musicians around the world,” said Hillary Melin, Recording Academy Senior Editor/Producer and one of the series’ co-producers. , says Global Spin.

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Global Spin, a platform to support international artists, was born from the booming global music scene that is taking the world by storm today. Let it be Nigeria’s dynamic duo, wizkid and Tems sweeping the world “Essence” or South Korea’s chart-topping tracks BTS Global music and artists who serenaded the hearts of millions of BTS ARMY, dominates today’s worldwide music industry like never before.

Shawn Thwaites, Project Manager and Global Music genre manager in the Recording Academy Awards division, owes global music’s international growth in part to new and emerging Afrobeats artists. Still, he notes that Afrobeats and global music in general is nothing new; Pioneers like Fela Kuti and pushers like Brazil’s Djavan laid the groundwork for today’s scene decades ago. “He’s always been here – we’re just catching up,” Thwaites says of the global music sound.

As Afrobeats and Afropop continue to rise in global music, Thwaites also points to “the entire African continent” and regions like Brazil, Trinidad, Barbados, Latin America, Asia and beyond as places with thriving music scenes to watch. . “There’s a lot of music all over this world. Global music is truly global,” he thinks.

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With the ongoing evolution and proliferation of music technology and social media, global music continues to reach new listeners across international borders, while established artists and rising stars of the genre are pushing the boundaries of sound to new heights.

“I would love for global music to find a way to connect more with fans,” Dominican singer/songwriter and producer the Change told via email. “I would love to see more events in the next five to 10 years that will help us spend time with our fans because in the end we owe everything that happens to us to them.”

MzVee, a Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and R&B singer/artist, adds, “The growing interest in global music means that many more people from different walks of life and around the world can now relate to my musical genre: Afrobeats.” “I believe that music is a global language that crosses all borders, and I want to reach fans in all corners of the world, despite language and genre differences. My dream is to see global music reach every corner of the world. music to cross all barriers, to see my music consumed by everyone, [regardless of] language, cultural differences [and] religion.”

“I’m so happy about it [audiences] It wants to explore and open new doors. “I believe that when we learn from other cultures, we grow as people. I want people to understand that as they listen to music from other parts of the world, they do too,” Eme Alfonso told via email. To feel the history, reality and conflicts of a country, because artists reflect their lives and problems through art.”

But maybe Haitian DJ/producer Michael Brun said it best: “Global music is the future of music” clearly said in 2020. “As the world continues to become more interconnected, musical culture no longer has borders. The fusion of sounds fuels innovation and global music artists are at the forefront of this movement.”

This innovative move now has a new slot on with Global Spin.

Listen to the sounds of the world with Global Spin from every Tuesday September 28, 10:00 AM PT/01:00 AM ET at the Recording Academy official YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram pageand Twitter profile.

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