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Adding plants is my favorite way to add life to any room. Having plants indoors makes everything lighter, brighter and more alive. Indoor plants add color and texture, purify the air and look beautiful.

Basements and dark corners challenge indoor plants during the winter. Many plants like it dark, and the short winter days only make them happier. Here is the list and their best care.

The Biology of Low-Light Houseplants

Large leaves are designed to absorb more light. Others have a waxy outer layer that helps retain moisture and makes them low-maintenance houseplants.

How to Care for Low-Light Plants Indoors

Low-light plants don’t require as much water, so caring for them can be as simple as planting them in well-drained soil and watering at 2-3 week intervals. Feed them monthly with Watters ‘Flower Power’ at half the recommended strength to bring out their vitality and color.

Top 10 indoor plants that love low light

Here are some of my favorite houseplants that thrive in dark rooms. I hope they bring as much happiness and joy to your home as they bring to mine!

chinese evergreen leaves, Aglaonema, has striking variegated leaves in shades of red, pink, yellow and green. Place this plant in a space that needs color and you won’t need flowers. Don’t worry if you travel a lot or forget to water, this dark lover is very drought tolerant. Perfect for people new to houseplants or those who consider themselves black thumb gardeners.

corn plant, fragrant dracaena look like small tropical palm trees, so they bring a ray of sunshine into that dark, dull area. Place it in a place without direct sunlight and occasional water. These plants like to dry out before being watered again. Water evenly over the potting mix to prevent rotting of the corn plant’s stalks. These canes have small root systems and may need straightening after returning home and later when they settle. Dogs and cats get sick when they chew this plant. So be careful if you have a mischievous pup, or you might find raised piles of foliage.

butterfly orchid, Phalaenopsis, when you need bright flowers in a dark corner. Plant in breathable orchid pots using soilless orchid mix for plants that bloom for months. Visit us to find out how to repot and care for orchids

read peace, Spathiphyll, have lush dark green leaves and delicate white flowers. These plants love moisture and humidity, so water regularly and mist the leaves to keep your lily happy and in bloom. When the leaves fall, just give her a nice glass of water and watch her recover in no time.

friends, Epipremnus aureum Ideally planted in a basket or pedestal for the variegated foliage to descend in an elegant display.

prayer plant, Maranta leuconeura, adds a pop of color to that dull corner with variegated foliage of rich greens, purples, yellows and reds. In dark rooms, the variegation becomes more pronounced. Plant directly into Watters potting soil and mist the foliage regularly. At night, the leaves point upwards like praying hands, from which this plant gets its name.

snake plant, sansevieria, are perfect for small windowless bathrooms, stairs and bedroom corners. A type of succulent that only needs water when the soil is completely dry to the touch, about every three weeks.

spider plant, Chlorophytum, Thrives in low light conditions and only needs occasional watering when the soil seems dry. They send up long spindly leaves and small white flowers that will cascade over the edge of containers, making them an excellent choice for indoor hanging baskets.

Zee Zee Plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is dimly lit, neat and easy to maintain. Its glossy, glossy green leaves add a cheerful splash of color to any dark space. ZZ likes to be left alone for long periods of time, so vacation worry-free. This plant will look great when you return.

Indoor plants bring life and vitality to your home, even on the darkest winter days. You will be amazed at how easily these plants grow while uplifting the soul. Plants do that!

Until next week, I’ll help gardeners grow better in the darkest rooms of the house.

Ken Lain can be found throughout the week at Watters Garden Center, 1815 W. Iron Springs Rd in Prescott, or contacted through his website at WattersGardenCenter.com Where JThe 10Indoor plants.com.

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