Goonies home for sale in Astoria, Oregon for $1.65 million

The home from the iconic movie The Goonies is for sale in Oregon.

Released in 1985, the iconic movie follows a group of young children on their last days together before their homes are destroyed by a building.

They discover an ancient map and go on an adventure to find a long-lost pirate treasure, but they accidentally attract the attention of a family of criminals.

The 1,935-square-foot White House on the Hill has been a tourist trap for years, and now Goonies fans can buy it—but it’ll set you back $1.65 million.

Falling for Christmas | Lindsay Lohan | Official Trailer | Netflix



Falling for Christmas | Lindsay Lohan | Official Trailer | Netflix





Goonies house for sale

The Victorian home is located in a quiet town called Astoria in Oregon overlooking the Pacific Ocean where it meets the Columbia River.

Built in 1896, the house is located at 368 38th Street and has two stories, a white wood exterior and a porch that wraps all the way around the outside.

Inside, there are four bedrooms, everything has been kept old school with original wood floors and historic decor.

However, there are some modern touches too, such as a new attic bedroom and modern kitchen appliances as the owner has renovated the property.

Being sold by John L. Scott Real Estate as the current owner is looking to downsize, you can view photos of the entire home here.

Astoria is a tourist trap for Goonies fans

The 1985 movie turned a sleepy Oregon town into a tourist trap and fans continue to visit the house nearly 40 years after the movie was released.

A woman named Sandy Preston currently owns the house, she bought it in 2001 but once told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that it was “difficult” to live there.

That’s because every year thousands of fans visit the city to catch a glimpse of the house where Mikey, Brand, Data, and Chunk spent time in the movie.

Sandy actually used to let fans into her house but stopped doing the tours because there were too many people.

“Someone is here 24/7,” she told Oregon Live in 2013. “In the middle of the night, I can still see flashlights.”

The worst days were Goonies festivities, such as 20 years in 2005, 25 years in 2010 and 30 years in 2015, which were visited by thousands.

A realtor told Oregon Live that Sandy is looking for a buyer who “will love the property as much as he has loved her for 21 years.”

“It is up to the new owner to make it look like the movie if that is the joy or to keep up with the upgrades and restoration,” they continued.

Other films shot in Oregon City

The Goonies isn’t the only movie set in a small town of just 10,000 – though it’s the most famous.

Into The Wild, a 2007 biographical drama about a man named Christopher McCandless who wandered across North America in the 1990s, was also filmed there.

Additionally, Astoria appeared in the 1990 comedy film Kindergarten Cop, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Detective John.

The Green Room (2015), Short Circuit (1986), The Guardian (2006), Free Willy (1993), and Worth (2020) all had scenes in Oregon City as well.

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