Golden Retriever Licking Pet Cam Hoping He Gets Treats Melts Hearts


A video of a golden retriever trying to get a camera to “give him treats” has gone viral on TikTok, where it has so far received over 472,000 views.

A message on the video shared by @chowederandgumbo, the TikTok account of dog duo Chowder and Gumbo, read: “Gumbo kisses the Furbo [pet camera] hoping it will give him some treats.”

The video showed the dog licking the bottom of the Furbo camera, which can dispense treats, which was sitting on a TV shelf.

An image of a golden retriever sitting with its tongue out of its nose. A video of a golden retriever licking a pet camera in the hopes that it will “give him treats” has gone viral on TikTok.
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According to a report by Grand View Research, a market research and consulting firm based in the United States and India, the size of the global pet snacks and treats market was valued at $33.16 billion. in 2021 and is expected to grow through 2030.

Figures from the American Pet Products Association showed that owners spent an estimated $97.1 billion on pets in the United States in 2019. Growth was seen in some pet food sectors, including healthy treats, snacks, specialty pet foods and other high-end items, according to the report.

Treats should be given to dogs in moderation because having too many will upset your dog’s appetite for regular food, noted veterinarians Krista Williams and Robin Downing in an article for VCA, one of the largest food chains. North American animal hospitals.

“This can contribute to long-term nutritional imbalance and can turn him into a ‘fussy eater’, which makes it particularly difficult to use therapeutic nutrition if the need arises later in life to manage an illness. nutritionally,” they said.


Williams and Downing indicated that dog treats should never make up more than 10% of a dog’s energy/calorie intake. But keeping it at five percent is even better. This is because, unlike commercially prepared dog food, dog treats are not balanced and nutritionally complete.

Vets have warned, “Don’t be fooled by treats labeled ‘light’ or ‘low calorie’. These don’t have significantly fewer calories than other treats and they add extra calories to intake. daily life of a dog.”


Having too many treats can also increase your dog’s risk of becoming overweight and obese. Both conditions “now afflict family dogs at epidemic rates,” veterinarians said.

The golden retriever in the latest viral video has delighted TikTok users, with some claiming their own puppies act the same way around their Furbo devices.

Rissywein said, “My dog ​​sits in front of the Furbo begging for treats all day.”

User cassieugalde said: “Mine does too [crying laughing emoji]”, to which the original poster read, “They’re so smart!!”

User cc wrote: “this is ridiculously cute [floating hearts smiley face emoji]”, while Pawbrey Golden Retriever said:”[This] is so funny [crying laughing emojis].”

User Fog Goblin said, “He adores her,” to which the original poster replied, “He’s his supreme being.”

User It Same wrote: “My dogs would protect this thing with their lives lol [laugh out loud]’, and the original poster read, ‘That’s why Gumbo is giving it special treatment! [ crying laughing emoji].”

Newsweek reached out to the original poster for comment via TikTok and email. This video has not been independently verified.

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