Gold leaf is the protagonist of this incredible makeover of the pink staircase

A gold leaf and some super bright paint was all it took to give this staircase a dramatic look – and for just £ 116! This crowded space has had its fair share of wear and tear due to constant traffic over the years and the homeowner wanted to put her creativity to work and turn it into an area that would have an immediate impact.

Ready to pick up some great ideas for small hallways? By renovating her three-story home in Shropshire on a tight budget, Kerry Lemon showed her decorating skills on Instagram, where you can find her at @my_colourfulsquares (opens in a new tab).

Redesign of the pink economic staircase

(Image credit: @my_colourfulsquares / My Local Toolbox)

The hallway was no exception and Kerry wanted to shed the gray decor and give it a bold new look, with the pink and gold paving the way for her stair makeover.


hallway with staircase before restyling

(Image credit: @my_colourfulsquares / My Local Toolbox)

Bland and beige, the hallway decor was not to Kerry’s taste and she wanted to turn it into something more in line with the rest of her colorful home. By talking to my local toolbox (opens in a new tab) regarding his interior style, Kerry describes it as “bold and fun”.

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