Getaway Live Norwegian Blog – Day 3 – Day of the Sea

Good evening from the Norwegian Getaway! Current location: Somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean.

I’m sitting down to write the next part of the Sunset Bar live blog, it’s relatively late around midnight. There are still a few passengers walking around the ship, but it is very quiet, and this spot provides a relaxing place to document our first full day at sea, and our third day aboard the Norwegian.

The morning started after the previous two mornings. We had stayed up fairly late the night before in the Headliners enjoying the Howling At The Moon piano show, finishing work afterwards, and had to catch some sleep we had lost on the other two busy days on the ship moving away.

After our lazy morning, we headed out for a late breakfast at the Garden Cafe, and enjoyed various pasta dishes and salads, along with coffee. My impression of food in general, so far at Norwegian Getaway, is that there is always a lot of choice. Every restaurant we visited has a fairly extensive menu and we always found something that looked appetizing.

After breakfast, we went up to the highest deck accessible to regular passengers, Deck 18. Deck 18 consists of a relatively small area called the Sun Deck, and while there were several distinctive Norwegian blue lounge chairs, all of them were stacked and did not appear to be intended for guest use in these. area at that time. This upper deck offers great expansive views of the main pool area and all the activities below.

We noticed many guests enjoying the sun and pool, while sipping cocktails, or relaxing nearby.

At 1:30pm this afternoon we decided to attend an event described as “Ladies Pampering Party”, which was held by Mandara Spa. The event consisted of a guided tour on how to best care for one’s skin. Spa staff handed out small amounts of facial products, and learned how best to apply them.

As I expected, this event ended with a focus on attracting guests’ interest in the services and products from the spa. While the overall experience was enjoyable, and the crew was warm and welcoming, I’m not always a fan of Seamless either. The experience is not necessarily one that I will repeat, however, I do not regret it, because my curiosity was satisfied.

If guests would enjoy learning more about what’s on offer at Mandara Spa, I think this would be a good event to attend, as crew members handed out discounts for certain services at the event.

After the spa seminar, we decided to go back to our rooms to retrieve our laptops to bring to one of the cafe areas to do some work.

On our way to our room, we noticed and appreciated the many fun magnets and decorations that the occupants chose to decorate their room doors. One of the lavish hall doors in particular caught our eye, with magnetic scribbled letters. We thought this was a fun and unique idea, which called for an interaction!

We found a great place to work at the same time, people watching, on Floor 6, near Starbucks to board. This location is located near the lobby, where the cruise director and other crew members host events.

While working in this area, we enjoyed watching various family-style games and even a dance class was held on how to dance with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (which would come in handy later in the night at the ’80s party on the deck at Spice H2O). Every two minutes I had to take a moment, look out the window at the sea that flowed by, and marvel at the fact that this was my job!

With working on a cruise ship, comes the necessity of Wi-Fi.

While researching this trip, I was under the impression that the wifi on cruise ships is not always reliable, often intermittent and painfully slow. But fortunately, my experience aboard the Norwegian Getaway was the opposite.

With the Premium Unlimited Wifi package, I can use an unlimited amount of wifi for work, and switch between my phone and my laptop. With my chosen wifi plan, I can use one device at a time, however, NCL makes switching between my phone and my laptop relatively easy and seamless.

So far, I’d say the wifi on board Norwegian Getaway is reliable, fast and has been able to meet my needs for work on board.

After some time at work, we decided it was time for a break, and headed to the Sugarcane Mojito Bar. This bar and lounge location offers indoor and outdoor seating.

We chose to enjoy the ocean breeze on the deck in the outdoor seating area. There were many modern and comfortable seating areas, which provided a great place to relax. For a drink, we chose to try the Mojito Tasting Trip. The mojito trip included six different flavors of mojito (jalapeno, raspberry, fruit, pineapple, coconut, and classic) and cost $24, including tip.

This was a fun experience, delicious drinks combined with beautiful scenery for a fun and relaxing afternoon. While lounging near the mojito bar we interacted with several groups of other passengers, who all noticed the attractive mojito trays.

We asked at least five different people where we ordered the cruise and what it was called. We were surprised that this wasn’t a more common request that guests had heard of, as the mojitos tasting size was fairly generous, and the portion priced reasonable.

By this time of our day at sea, dinner time was approaching. Tonight we had dinner at a noodle bar in Shanghai. This free eating place is located near Casino on Deck 7. We both thought this place was fun and made an excellent choice for dinner or lunch. Guests are seated at high tables and choose from a menu of appetizers, appetizers and desserts.

For our appetizers, we ordered Shanghai noodles and glass noodles, while both were delicious, we agreed that Shanghai noodles offer more flavour, making this the dish we recommend. We tried the chocolate gingerbread for dessert, which we enjoyed and agreed that it was very rich in flavour. We thought the decor and atmosphere of this location was fun, with one sitting area giving guests a view of the kitchen to watch while they prepare their food. I’d be interested in trying this location for lunch as well.

After dinner, it’s time for our first show at sea experience with Norwegian Cruise Line.

On boarding day, we had booked the 8:00pm watching time to see Burn The Floor on that day. Norwegian Cruise Line describes this show as “a continuous show of movement and style based on the world-famous Broadway show.” The New York Times called “Bourne the Floor” a “crowd dazzling,” an unmissable 45-minute dance filled with incredible dances, heart-pounding music and movements Do not forget “. I would like to agree with NCL’s description of this offer. The music and choreography were incredibly lively and entertaining.

I thought it was really impressive that this show included elaborate dance scenes with both live singers and musicians playing all the music for the show. I think a large group of guests will enjoy this show. Tonight’s audience looked quite impressed, with the performers receiving a standing ovation at the end of the show. A couple sitting next to us, who appeared to be in their 60s, mentioned to another passenger that this was their third time seeing the show, and that they enjoyed it.

After Burn The Floor, we decided to peek at The Newlyweds Game, which is played in the Atrium. This seemed to be a very popular game to watch, as there were so many people huddled around to watch, and it was hard to find a free place to see it. The Newlyweds Game is a cruise classic (I know our Allie Hubers played this game on a honeymoon cruise with her husband, and she won!).

After that we stopped at the dueling piano show Howl At The Moon again. This show quickly became one of our favourites. We enjoy the creativity and talent of musicians, and participation from the crowd is a joy to be apart. It’s fun to see what songs people will order, and how musicians will start performing them.

We stayed at Howl At The Moon for about half an hour, before leaving to see the classic 80s dance party at Spice H2O. Spice H2O is an adults-only rooftop area, which has a huge screen, plenty of dancing space, hot tubs, and bar space. This place frequently hosts themed dance parties. The theme of ’80s music tonight seemed to be fairly popular, with a large crowd in attendance, showing off their moves on the dance floor. We even saw some of the performers from Burn The Floor showing up after their shift, and it was fun watching these crew members enjoy the rest of their night on board.

After visiting Spice H2O, we were somewhat hungry, as it had been nearly five hours since we had dinner. We checked our copy of Freestyle Daily, the daily itinerary published for Norwegian Getaway, to see if there were any food locations still open. We found out that the Garden Cafe hosts late night snacks every night until 11:30pm. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of types of food on offer at this time.

I was definitely expecting something a little too small, but instead several types of sandwiches, pasta, pizza, pastries, biscuits and veggies were welcomed. I chose to go with some pasta to satiate my late night hunger.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first full nautical day with the Norwegian Getaway! Before going on this cruise, I was wondering if there were enough activities to fill an entire day at sea. Will I get bored looking for things to do? I’m happy to report that I think it would be nearly impossible to get bored on a day at sea with NCL. There are plenty of activities and entertainment options, lounges to explore, pool deck chairs to relax in, and great ocean views to enjoy.

I look forward to more fun experiences on board the next sea day later in the week. Those water slides are calling my name!

After a late-night meal, it’s time to get back to work, which includes writing the next installment of the Norwegian Getaway Live Blog! With this blog finished writing, we’re getting ready for the next port day tomorrow, when we’ll dock in St Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Tomorrow we’ll also be taking off on our first beach excursion with Norwegian Cruise Lines. I look forward to documenting everything from the landing to the port, the tour with NCL, to the port of St. Thomas itself!

Thanks to all who took the time to read these live blogs, I hope it was entertaining for you, as it was a pleasure to write! Until tomorrow, smooth sailing!

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