Get the “spirit” of Halloween

Sept. 18 – For those in St. Joseph looking to get into the spooky spirit, things are about to get spooky in the city, as Spirit Halloween officially opens its doors.

Many St. Joseph residents have already visited the haunted site since it opened at 139 N. Belt Hwy.

Jordan Rose, Spirit Halloween area manager, said she loves the opening of Spirit in St. Joseph because of the crowds.

“It’s really cool,” Rose said. “I love seeing everyone in the community come together and come in and have fun, especially with the in-store experience.” “It gives a sense that everyone is decorating and having fun in the city. I mean, everyone loves Halloween. It gets bigger every year. So a lot of people like it. So no matter what, every year we go back, everyone goes to be excited about it” .

So far, Rose said, décor items have been the hardest to keep in stock as everyone starts getting their homes ready for the holiday.

“Any décor would work because they started decorating their homes and things like that. So it flies off the shelf. Any Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, anything licensed fly,” Rose said.

St Joseph’s resident Jessica Ollinger said she loves having Spirit Halloween in town as a place to wander.

“I’m not looking for something in particular, I just look for something that catches my eye, something colorful. I’m a huge fan of Halloween,” Olinger said. “There’s no good Halloween store around. I don’t want to drive to Kansas City. I love that Spirit is here.”

This year, Rose said, there is a large variety of different outfits they expect to sell this year, especially licensed products.

“Honestly, the West is really big this year because of Yellowstone, so that’s really cool. For kids, we love the Dino Ranch costumes that people are happy with, Encanto things, things like that,” Rose said.

They also have a children’s spirit of fundraising in the store.

“All donations 100% go to Mercy for Children. We do bracelets, we do Halloween parties for kids and their families and things like that. So whenever you stop, you can make a $2 bracelet, you can collect your change, you can do any dollar amount. And always We give you a star to put on the wall. So you get bragging rights and say you’re there. It’s a good organization. We stand by it and we support it as a company,” Rose said. It’s one of our pride points.”

Opening hours will continue to change until Halloween comes around. The store is currently open from 10am to 12am Monday through Saturday and from 11am to 7pm on Sundays.

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