Gardai fish emerged from suspicious river after cops seized millions of money and drugs linked to Kinahan gang

Gardai has dealt another blow to Daniel Kinahan’s mob after police confiscated millions of euros worth of cash and drugs, including cocaine hidden in champagne.

Officers dived into the River Liffey after three suspects tried to escape a Garda net.

Detectives questioned seven suspects last night regarding seizures believed to be linked to Kinahan.

A source said last night: “This is going to ruin his day.

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“He’s been under pressure for months and it’s going to destroy him.”

The seizures were made Wednesday and yesterday in Dublin and involved suspected cocaine mixed into champagne and wine.

The strange finding was made when detectives from the Garda National Bureau of Drugs and Organized Crime raided a home in Beaumont, north of Dublin, on Wednesday.

Gardai said they found several suspicious bottles in the house, and when they were examined, they found wine and champagne containing suspicious cocaine.

One person detained at the scene was detained at nearby Ballymun Garda Station last night.

A few hours after this raid, however, GNDOCB officers launched another operation, stopping a car linked to the Kinahan cartel on the M50 motorway on the outskirts of Dublin.

As the car was stopped, the three men escaped and plunged into the nearby River Liffey in a desperate attempt to escape the gardai, but officers jumped after them and managed to catch two of the suspects.

Other detectives on the team also searched properties in nearby Palmerstown and central Dublin and found more than 2 million euros in drugs and cash.

During the searches, three people were arrested and brought to Garda stations with the two suspects removed from Liffey, after which Gardai spent a day hunting down the sixth gang member who had fled the river and had taken action against him yesterday.

This meant that seven people were detained in two operations last night, one of whom was a serious criminal linked to the cartel led by Daniel Kinahan, 44.

The man, previously accused of a major drug seizure, has only just returned from England to his hometown of Dublin.

Gardai suspects he used partners from the north city of Dublin for the Kinahan operation – but several foreign nationals were also detained as part of the larger garda investigation.

All six suspects in the Palmerstown incident were held at Garda stations around Dublin last night and may be held for up to a week.

And late last night, Gardai said the man held was charged in connection with the Beaumont seizure and will appear in court in Dublin later today.

Deputy Commissioner John O’Driscoll, who is responsible for Garda’s fight against the Kinahan gang and other major gangs, said yesterday that the two-day operation was significant and revealed a new drug trafficking route.

“The outcome of the operational activity undertaken by the Garda National Bureau of Drugs and Organized Crime over the past twenty-four hours, supported by a number of other special units within Garda Síochána, is crucial and reflects exceptional policing skills. with dedication and courage on behalf of the relevant personnel.

“Born from the global dimension of drug supply networks distributing drugs to cities and towns in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe, Garda Siochana has built particularly strong and productive relationships with law enforcement in many countries across a range of countries. number of continents.

“Today again Garda Siochana and the people of Ireland are reaping the benefits of Garda Siochana’s global reach.

“A large amount of drugs were seized, along with a significant amount of money suspected of being obtained from drug trafficking. People believed to be operating at a significant level in the organized crime world were identified and arrested.

“A drug trafficking route has been identified and disrupted, and a new method for concealing controlled substances has been identified and exposed”.

The operation came as Daniel Kinahan remained isolated in the bolt hole in Dubai after US officials placed a $5 million bounty on his head.

The Americans placed a similar bounty on the other two leaders of the cartel, his father Christy (64) and brother Christopher (41).

Kinahans can no longer fly any US-registered aircraft and their assets are frozen.

Similar sanctions were imposed on four close associates – although nearly 600 others, most of them unrelated to the crime, were placed on the no-fly list due to past relationships with Kinahan.

That list includes boxer Tyson Fury, who was sensationally banned from entering the United States last Friday while trying to board a flight from Manchester to New York.

Mr. Fury, 33, has no connection to the crime – but was an old friend of Kinahan’s from the mob’s boxing affiliation.


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