FX Matt Brewery Acquires Flying Dog Brand, Targets Entire Production in New York


FX Matt Brewery has a long history of producing quality craft beers. Now known for its Saranac brand, the brewery is the second oldest still operating in New York after Genesee in Rochester. In fact, Saranac’s Legacy IPA uses the original West End recipe from 1914. The company’s Utica Club beer brand was a huge hit during World War II, with a variety of styles and official points. Great market using the Schultz and Dooley mascots (a human beer mug voiced by Jonathan Winters). They’re on a moon made of cheese!


In the 1980s, FX Matt Brewery introduced the Saranac brand, which has become a craft staple in New York and beyond. Of course, it’s not just beer. FX Matt Brewery also produces Saranac sodas and sodas, McKenzie’s Hard Ciders, and RTD’s craft cocktails. Jed In addition to Saranac beer, FX Matt Brewing Co. continues to brand Utica Club beer and brews for other companies, including Brooklyn Brewery, which holds a 20% stake in the company. FX Matt Brewing brews Flying Dog Brewery in Mary. Land a lot over the past 10 years due to the limitations of the company’s Frederick brewery.

The dots tied together this week when FX Matt Brewing announced it would acquire the Flying Dog brand and that Flying Dog would move all production to FX Matt over the summer. which may stop operating in Frederick sometime in August.

Flying Dog Craft Brewery

From the press release:

“We are eternally grateful for the loyalty Maryland craft beer drinkers have for Flying Dog, and we look forward to continuing to be a part of the Maryland community,” said Flying Dog CMO Ben Savage, who will be president. said Flying’s Canine Division of FX Matt Brewing, “This acquisition gives our brand the immediate ability and flexibility to adapt to changing consumer needs. There will always be a market for great beer. But the line between beer, cocktails, spirits and wine continues to blur. FX Matt Brewing Company provided Flying Dog with significant resources to not only optimize our current product portfolio, but also to enhance our portfolio. but also rapidly developing products in emerging new categories.”

The same press release states that FX Matt Brewing is in the process of looking for a location for Flying Dog Baths to include an innovative brewery in Frederick, hoping some of these work will transfer locally.

“It is important to me that FX Matt Brewing offers its employees as many employment opportunities as possible. “Frederick is a great place to live and do business. Unfortunately, even though we invest millions of dollars in breweries, But there are too many limitations and it puts Flying Dog at too much of a competitive disadvantage.

It’s also worth noting that Flying Dog founder George Stranahan passed away in 2021, putting the company on our radar for change. Business, academia and a variety of adventures. He holds a PhD in physics, founded the Aspen Center for Physics, and specializes in everything. from photography and writing to owning restaurants and operating breweries. He also led an expedition to the summit of K2 in 1983 at the age of 52.


In the 1980s, Stranahan opened a brewery in Woody Creek, Colo., and the Woody Creek Tavern was a regular gathering place for gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, who lived nearby and “stopped by the store nightly for lunch and dinner.” Late at night when in town.” According to Wikipedia, Thompson lived just a few blocks from Stranahan’s Flying Dog Ranch in Colorado, and the two became friends. That’s how Thompson’s collaborator and artist Ralph Steadman was commissioned to create the beer label for Flying Dog starting in 1995. In the latter, Flying Dog celebrated Steadman and the beer label with a cool video series called behind the sign.

Steadman’s label brought the brand national attention. which sometimes have unique forms at one point The North Carolina State Liquor Board didn’t want to approve the label of Flying Dog’s Freezin’ seasonal ale because of Steadman’s painting of a naked man standing by a fire (pictured above) last year. after the lawsuit A North Carolina court has ruled in favor of a Maryland brewery allowing the image to be used.

The Flying Dog brewery was founded in Aspen, Colorado, in 1990. Flying Dog eventually acquired Maryland-based Frederick Brewing Co. in 2006 and closed its Colorado brewery the next year. Over the last four decades, Flying Dog has produced some great craft beverages, from iconic beers like the new Raging Bitch IPA or Old Bay Summer Ale to up-and-coming brews like Killer Hard Tea. The brand’s distribution is also attractive, selling in 23 states and Washington, D.C.

“Flying Dog has built an incredible brand. award winning beer and gives us great opportunities to grow in the Mid-Atlantic region. When you think of craft beer in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic, Flying Dog is the first brand that comes to mind. We are excited to work with such a great brand. and look forward to helping Flying Dog reach new heights,” said Fred Matt, CEO of FX Matt Brewing Company.

This isn’t the first big money move from FX Matt Brewery. The company has made significant investments over the past five years. It announced a $34.7 million expansion of its brewery and cask facility by 2021, a process that took three years. Big Growth Expectations (Maybe this purchase!)

We’ll let you know how it all comes together. As consolidation continues for traditional craft breweries

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