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Furniture worth flaunting for your number one spot


our end! You’re moving into a new space and you need to fill it with furniture and décor pieces that let your personality shine through. However, it’s no secret that furnishing your home can be expensive, especially when you want things that will last. To create a stylish home, you may have to splurge on select items and save over others.

Don’t know when to save and when to brag? Check out our list below of splurge-worthy furniture for your number one spot to ensure you don’t overspend on the wrong items.

Big comfortable sofa

The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your space — and the most expensive. You want to find a sofa that is made of high-quality materials and has a timeless look. When buying a sofa, look for neutral colors and materials. This way, over the years, you can repurpose the sofa or use it in a different location, and it will still look good.

A good quality sofa will last about 25 years, but an average sofa will last about 10 years. We suggest splurging on a sofa so you don’t have to buy one the next time you move.

Good mattress

We spend an inordinate amount of time in bed, whether we’re browsing TikTok, shopping online, or hitting the snooze button. Having a comfortable place to lay your head is essential to making your home a home. A quality mattress worth bragging about is the first. There are several options for comfort levels, such as memory foam, innerspring, gel mesh, and hybrid.


With a good mattress, you should find good quality fitted sheets, mattress, and frame. However, it is up to you if you want to splurge on bedding accessories. We recommend that you splurge on the headboard and frame and save on comforters and sheets.

Invest in a few statement pieces

Accent pieces can make a space pop. From accent chairs and tables to small décor touches, it’s a good idea to splurge on items that add character to a room. However, if you are going to flaunt an accent piece, we recommend that it be on accent chairs and tables. This will add a little sophistication to your living room, but you can also find really cool and unique furniture pieces at thrift and consignment stores.

Eternal dining room table

Like the sofa, the dining room table is a staple in your home. We highly recommend that you splurge on the dining room table. Not only will having a quality dining room table upgrade your space, it can also become a family heirloom over time. The dining room table stands for cohesiveness, and having a quality piece will mean a lot to you over time. When assembling your table, be sure to use properly solderless wood connectors to ensure a seamless finished look.