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Four “smart” ways to “boost” the value of your home –


Whatever your personal style, there’s plenty of potential to increase the value of your home with a few “smart” interior features. According to The Advisory, interior design can increase the value of your property by up to 5-10%, and complete renovations can make even more of a difference. This means it might be worth considering different ways to improve your home.

1. Upgraded bathrooms

Experts at interiors retailer Casa Bella Furniture said: “One of the main things buyers look at when viewing a property is whether the bathrooms are up to date and beautifully decorated.

“So if you want to increase the value of your property, this is a great place to start. Make sure all your bathrooms are modern and the fixtures are new, clean and working perfectly.”

A new bathroom could actually add up to four to five percent to the value of your property, so it’s a change that could make a huge difference.

Whether it’s stripping the bathroom or looking to make changes to an existing suite, consider bringing more “luxury” into the bathroom design.

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Experts said this includes features like a heated towel rail. They added: “You can also opt for luxurious yet subtle decor in the bathroom, using creams, beiges, pale blues or pinks to create a crisp, clean aesthetic that will wow property onlookers. .”

2. Repainted interior walls

Painting is often an affordable way to update the home, and often the “easiest,” according to the pros.

They explained, “It’s an easy way to not only make walls look brand new, but also create a cohesive, pristine aesthetic that will appeal to potential buyers and be pleasing to you, family and friends.” residence.

“Potential buyers prefer neutral colors because when viewing a property they want to be able to imagine their own lifestyle and decorative touches within its walls, which can be made more difficult when a property is adorned with bright hues. and accented.”


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3. Modern kitchen design

In addition to bathrooms, kitchens are another room in the house that is extremely popular when it comes to real estate prices.

Adding a new kitchen can add up to 25% to the current value of your home. Experts noted: “So especially if you live in an older home, it can be worth committing to a kitchen remodel, as it will not only increase the value of your home, but also make it a much better place to live. easier and more pleasant to live with. cook while waiting.

“Open plan kitchens and dining areas have long been popular, but with the advent of many people working from home, delineating work and relaxation areas has become more important.

“This means that it is increasingly popular to have separate spaces again. If you have an older property, it may already be landscaped this way, so there’s no need to turn it into an open space.

“What you should do, however, is focus on upgrading what’s already there: that could mean having things like German-style built-in wardrobes or built-in light fixtures.”

4. Modern Furniture Arrangements

One of the simplest changes you can make to your home is to rearrange the furniture, which can give it a whole new look. You can also invest in new pieces or upcycle older furniture to create a new, modernized look.

The experts explained, “You can also arrange your furniture to form group seating, which encourages people to socialize and can instantly make the room feel more welcoming when someone walks in to view the house.

“Choosing furniture with built-in storage options can also add to a clean, modern feel, as it will reduce the need for additional storage solutions like shelving in rooms, opening up more space and providing a sleeker feel. You can also play up the balance between modern and vintage aesthetics by upcycling older furniture, such as adding a modern pastel paint hue to an old wooden coffee table.