Former Georgia officer accused of illegally ordering police dogs to attack man


  • Former Atlanta Suburban Police who orders police dogs to bite a man’s arm Charged with violating his oath as a police officer
  • Prosecutors said a former Georgia cop illegally ordered a dog to attack a man who did not pose a threat.
  • The police fangs aggressively ripped large chunks of meat from this man’s arm. According to a federal lawsuit filed against the City of Alpharetta,

Former Atlanta suburban police officer charged with felony After prosecutors said he ordered a police dog to unlawfully attack a man.

A Fulton County grand jury on Tuesday reversed an indictment against former Alpharetta police officer Michael James Esposito, charged with aggravated assault. hurt the battery and violated his oath as a government official when Travis Moya was seriously injured in July 2021.

Esposito’s working phone number was not immediately found, and no lawyer was available to comment on the charges in court records. Alpharetta’s assistant city administrator declined to comment. It cited pending litigation, but confirmed that Esposito had left the police force. Alpharetta is a suburb north of Atlanta.


in july Moya filed a federal lawsuit against Alpharetta. Several police chiefs and officers including Esposito That set is still pending.

As a result of the lawsuit, Moya’s family called 911 for an ambulance. and there were no indications of his crimes, weapons or threats. Several officers, including Esposito, who handled Ares police dogs, were sent to the house.

Michael James Esposito, a former Alpharetta, Georgia cop, is accused of breaking his oath as a public servant. for ordering a police dog to illegally bite a man’s arm

Esposito was the first to arrive. And his body camera video showed Moya standing in his driveway with his wife, the lawsuit said. Moya’s wife walked up to Esposito, who was still in the street, and said Moya was breathing heavily and crying. He hit the wall and threw a chair. But did not say who he threatened.


After several minutes Moya stood in the driveway with his wife and young daughter. He turned around to go back inside. And that’s when officers told him to stop and talk to them the first time, the lawsuit said. He still walked to the front door with his family. and two officers grabbed him and brought him down to the ground.

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Moya didn’t resist, but as the officers were holding him on the ground, Esposito ordered Ares the dog to bite Moya’s arm. Outrageously large pieces of meat and meat” from Moya’s arm for “nearly a minute” as three officers took it down, the lawsuit said.

The indictment accused Esposito of illegally “ordering police dogs to bite” Moya and of “Seriously disfigured his person.”

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During a press conference on Wednesday Moya said he suffers from nightmares and flashbacks. But the indictment is a step in the right direction.

“The sad thing in this situation is that The police department’s internal review was reasonable,” said Moya’s attorney, L. Chris Stewart. He said the video showed officers would use dogs regardless of whether it was justified or not.

“But that’s why we have this process. And that’s why Fulton the county spoke yesterday Because they disagree that this is justified,” Stewart said. “They disagree that people should be mauled like that. Until the officers had to use a hose to spray water on the sidewalk because of the bleeding a lot.”

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