Football Black Friday 2022 Gift Guide: Club-branded microwave, rubber ducks and the last vestige of Ronaldo at Man United

There may be an off-season World Cup going on, but we can’t hide the fact that Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales are coming once again. This can only mean one thing: football clubs around the world are starting to fill their online stores with a selection of tastefully branded merchandise, with just one month to go until Christmas.

The range of products – some more functional than others – is fascinating, with major clubs keen to cater to fans who crave anything and everything with their favorite team’s emblem emblazoned on it, from kitchenware and home furnishings to clothing and accessories.

Let’s dive in and see what deliciousness options are in store for any gift-hungry supporters eagerly perusing their team’s online store this Black Friday.

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AC Milan: Gold pendant and chain (96/$99 each)

What better way to pay homage to the reigning Serie A champions than by wearing this tasteful jewel-encrusted 18kt gold locket?

Ajax: Clog slippers (15.95/$16.50)

How could Ajax claim to be the most important club in the Netherlands without sporting their own pair of clogs? Thankfully, in the interest of comfort, these cozy boots are made from a soft fleece material rather than the more traditional wood.

Angel City: Puzzle ($15)

This puzzle has almost as many pieces as Angel City has famous investors.

Arsenal: Space hopper (10/$12)

Gooners across the world are bouncing back after a fantastic start to the Premier League season. But if they need some help with that, as Manchester City start to attract them once the English season resumes, then help is at hand.

We can only guess that around 30 of these items were hastily added to the warehouse as “almost new” returns last month after it became clear that the first team would not be requiring them for any further European tours this season.

Barcelona: doormat Johan Cruyff (25/$25.90)

First came the Cruyff curve, then came the Cruyff mat. We can hardly think of a more fitting tribute to one of the most influential figures in modern football philosophy.

Bayern Munich: Lederhosen Wine Cooler (79.95/$82.90)

The only way to make your iced wine even cooler is to have the bottle wear its own pair of traditional Bavarian leather pants.

Benfica: yoga mat (60.97/$63.23)

For reasons unknown, Benfica offer a bewilderingly extensive range of club-affiliated yoga and exercise mats through their online store. Well, we all need a good stretch every now and then.

Given some of their clumsy performances so far this term, which have left them sixth in the Bundesliga table going into the winter break, someone should check that the Dortmund players haven’t accidentally used these monstrosities during matches.

Chelsea: One of John Terry’s boots (350/$422)

A great keepsake for any Mr. Chelsea, though for this price you’d expect to get the full pair.

Inter Miami: ‘In This House’ Sign ($27.99)

No kitchen, living room, or dining room would be complete without a constant reminder hanging on the wall to love, hug, laugh (a lot), dream big, be grateful, have fun, and most importantly, continue to support Inter Miami.

Inter Milan: nerazzurri cycling bib (140/$168)

Inter missed a trick by producing this frighteningly tight jumpsuit and not even covering it in its iconic blue and black stripes.

Juventus: matching denim jacket (249/257.85) and jeans (149/$154)

Milan may be known as Italy’s fashion capital, but Turin is seriously claiming the throne thanks to the latest Juve release. high fashion offering in your club store – a stunning double set of matching jeans available in moody black or sweet pink.

LAFC: Love Heart Boxer Briefs ($27.99)

A classic, timeless style of underwear favored by legions of smartly dressed cartoon characters is now available to fans of new MLS Cup holders.

LA Galaxy: Calculator ($19.99)

Galaxy fans can use this digital assistant to calculate how many miles their team runs over the course of an MLS season.

Leeds United: Blue and yellow corn (6/$4.99)

The end-to-end goals that Jesse Marsch’s team have been involved in this season are blockbuster entertainment, so why not grab a snack to match.

Liverpool: Microwave (129/155)

Because who better to buy your everyday home appliances than a Premier League football club?

Lyon: Pétanque Set (54.99/$56.99)

For the uninitiated, petanque is a beloved traditional French bowling game played in squares, parks and backyards across the country, and like all Ligue 1 clubs, Lyon has its own themed set for sale.

If, like City striker Erling Haaland, you have a few weeks of free time ahead of you, there are few better ways to pass the time than by honing your signaling action.

A charming set of miniature badges pay homage to some of the greatest players to ever wear the number 7 at Old Trafford. While Angel Di Maria and Alexis Sanchez are cruelly forgotten, the set is also notable for being the only remaining trace of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo for sale in the United store. Truly the end of an era.

Marseille: Paddleboard (349.90/$362.62)

You can cause a real stir on game day at the Stade Velodrome by arriving before kick-off across the nearby Huveaune River in one of them.

Napoli: Stroller (415/430)

Your little bundle of joy may be too young to join Napoli’s youth academy at the moment, but it’s never too early to start introducing them to them. partonopei club culture.

They may be rich beyond measure these days, but it’s refreshing to know that remnants of a humbler era still linger on the shelves of the Newcastle club shop.

For all the top-notch player merchandise and the incredibly cool streetwear brand collaborations, pound for pound our most coveted item in the PSG club store is this beautiful wooden box filled with exquisite hand-tied fishing lures – one of the which is called the “Dog Nobbler”. So strange and yet so wonderful.

Coming from Kentucky, it’s only natural that the NWSL Racing side would offer their fans a set of extremely elegant crystal apparatus to drink their bourbon of choice in good Louisville style.

Leipzig fans can celebrate a cup every morning with this piece of breakfast dinnerware.

Real Madrid: Luxury Backpack (644/$777)

As their selection of premium luggage proves, Real Madrid are no strangers to overpriced extravagances. Lest we forget, this is the same club that gave up over £100m to sign Eden Hazard not long ago.

With top-of-the-line golf equipment like this readily available locally, it’s no wonder Gareth Bale was so keen to return to Spurs on loan a few seasons ago.

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