Food of Carnivores, Food of Lions, Food of Animals: Inside the Extreme World of Omnivore


welcome to Anxious carnivoresA mini-series about the changing meat culture. Despite increasing pressure to cut meat But a lot of Americans don’t—they find it increasingly weird and strange about the way they eat meat.

Is it me or meat food…in an era that is particularly insane right now? A content creator goes viral for eating only meat for a month. Miss what is Fully chewed butter for some reason.. Liver King eats a lot of liver. Hashtag #carnivorediet With more than 650 million views on TikTok, all-meat recipes like “carnivore buns,” or egg-and-baked minced meat, and “carnivore crackers,” or bacon in frozen brown butter, have disappeared. already Viral—driven by sheer disgust and curiosity. Food choices have become a harsh word.

Low-carb, high-protein diets aren’t new. Atkins, Paleo, and Keto have all grown in popularity. It has been used (albeit controversial) for years as a way to lose weight. But nowadays, these foods are more concentrated: whole meat foods. These meal plans combine what we eat with what we are. They combine health anxiety with identity and politics. Animal-based diet creator Paul Saladino promises on his website that it will help you. The inventor of The Lion Diet is Michaela Fuller (née Peterson), daughter of right-wing pop psychologist Jordan Peterson; Her YouTube account talks about meat and men. Meatless carnivore Shawn Baker was nicknamed the Carnivore King after inventing and popularizing an all-carb-free carnivore diet. It has more than a quarter million followers on Instagram and claims many success stories. Joe Rogan tried carnivore diet for a month. But it was found that it gave him diarrhea, and James Blunt appeared to suffer from scurvy from the try. (It’s not surprising to learn that these diets conflict with generally accepted health advice.)

Lots of success stories in whole meat Of course, it’s the little things, let’s not forget to mention that doctors have mismanaged their patients’ health and only What helps is an all-meat diet. Encourage me to do my own research. This is a phrase that has its own political implications. That’s what I’ve done here: I’ve talked to carnivores and dietitians alike. to learn the differences between each type of pure meat diet Why did all meat eaters choose such a strict approach? And these foods are really good for our bodies or not.


What is a pure meat diet? And what do they claim to do?

As their name might imply, there are no or low-carb diets, such as carnivore diets, animal diets, or lion diets that are almost entirely meatless—some variation is variable. But some types only allow steak. influencers The self-proclaimed nutrition guru and their fans claim that a meat-based diet is the cure for chronic health problems. (a term I just invented), the animal-based food creator claims on his website: Diet inventor Lion Fuller’s website claims that the diet can mitigate the effects of everything from ulcers to autoimmune issues. Again, these diets are in direct contradiction to widely accepted dietary guidelines. According to experts such as Dana Ellis Hunnes, a senior clinical dietitian at UCLA Medical Center, “This way of eating is dangerous for humans. and negatively affecting the microbiome, heart health and the environment.”

Carnivore food, lion food, animal food: what’s the difference?

Not all meat dishes are created equal. Although these diets focus on increasing protein intake and limiting carbohydrates But carnivore food, lion food and animal food have different criteria.

Animal based food: Most lenient, giving more room for personalization. Meat eating means eating mostly meat and offal. but also eat fruit, honey, and raw dairy products. According to Saladino, who started promoting the diet in 2018, certain foods such as seeds, seeds, nuts, beans and nightshade are “highly toxic,” he said, because they contain higher levels of chemicals like tanni. saponins and lectins that “interfere with your digestion”, he completely eliminated them from animal diets. (Don’t ask me why he recommends fruit. But I don’t recommend the seeds. Things found in… fruit), nutritionist Jamie Nadeau of the blog The Balanced Nutritionist disagrees. “There’s no denying that eating animal foods puts you at risk for malnutrition,” she writes.

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