Five trendy DIY wedding decoration tips for a tight budget

TikTok is proving just as popular as Pinterest when it comes to finding DIY wedding day inspiration that will reduce the overall cost of the big day.

Party decorating expert Jess Martin of decorating store Ginger Ray has scoured the millions of videos on the popular social networking app so we don’t have to and put together tips on how to cut back the costs.

She’s put together the top five on-trend decoration hacks that she says will work well with any wedding that includes the use of bunting and floating centerpiece alternatives.

Homemade wedding decorations can bring a touch of individuality to receptions and can be a great way to stay on budget.

Swap flowers for candles to recreate this on-trend wedding look

Five TikTok wedding trends

These are the best wedding decoration hacks found on TikTok, according to party decoration expert Jess Martin.

Choose an adventurous arch

Often considered the highlight of every wedding, the arch at the end of every bride’s long walk down the aisle is always a remarkable, but often costly, moment.

From balloon-covered arches to blossoming flower arrangements, many couples spare no expense.

Thanks to TikTok, we learned a simple way to go even further aisle, but also save on flower costs: just invest in an obscurely shaped arch and decorate only the accents.

Jess says, “Personally, this hack really stands out not only as a great way to save precious wedding budget, but as a smart approach to making your ceremony truly unique.

“By choosing a rare shape for your arch – such as a pentagon, triangle or rectangle – you will only need to add balloons or foliage to the corners of the shape for an overall chic look, rather than covering every inch of your usual standard curved bow.You can also get ready made copper bows from around £70.

“I would recommend ditching the curves and going off the beaten path, literally adopting a squarer, more edgy arch for your ceremony!”

Draw and print your own floor plan

While venue plans are somewhat essential to every ceremony, they’re not the most exciting use of your wedding budget.

Following this TikTok hack, which has over a million views (and counting), could do wonders for you and your wallet: simply trace and shape a sheet of plastic and press your print with paint to create your own picture.

“Although this hack requires a little more effort than most, this trick could really help you save a substantial amount of money,” says Jess.

She added: “Rather than buying a personalised, bespoke wedding sign, you can get a low priced acrylic sheet for just £19.99 which will give you the chance to create a truly personalized welcome sign without ruin you.

“Or, if you’re willing to tap into the practical side of yourself and whip out your hardware tools, you can follow this hack to a T and chisel your own – all while saving your wedding budget for more parties. excitement of your day.”

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Opt for glass for your centerpiece

The clue is in the name: centerpieces are often the center of attention at your wedding breakfast (apart from the bride, of course).

Depending on the theme of your wedding and your personal hobbies and interests, centerpieces can vary greatly in versatility and style.

If you like the simpler things in life, we recommend following the TikTok hack below – all you’ll need is a few glass bowls, water, flowers and a candle or two .

Jess says, “I’ve known couples who invest books in high-end floral arrangements and diamond-studded ceramics, but, for me, simplicity is key, which is why this hack really appeals to me.

“Filling a glass bowl with water and inserting flowers and simple decorative candles into it seems like an obvious way to save money while looking stylish.

“Just make sure you don’t encourage your guests to get too rowdy or there could be decorative spillovers!”

Use cheesecloth as a base for a beautiful tablescape

Homemade weddings have grown in popularity this year, which means using your own imagination to create your own table settings.

To make them truly unique and to save costs, making your own table runners, using inexpensive cheesecloth, is a great DIY decorating trick.

Jess says, “This hack is great if you want to get that subtle mesh look for your table settings, without having to spend huge amounts of money. You can buy cheesecloth in bulk at low prices, on sites like Amazon.

“As explained in the video, dyeing the fabric is super easy and means you can really add your own personal touch.

“Personally, I would choose light pastel shades, which are very trendy at the moment.

“They make a great base for layering like-colored foliage and faux flowers, followed by candles, confetti, and any other personal knick-knacks you wish to add – to create your own beautiful tablescape.”

Find a frame for your wedding sign

Everyone knows photo frames capture memories and art, their purpose is to preserve – so why not save the most important day of your life and find a frame to make your wedding sign?

The popular TikTok trend below sees an ingenious user trace her wedding sign message onto the glass of an old picture frame and spray paint the wooden crate to reveal a cutting-edge wedding decoration.

Jess suggests this: “Make sure you choose a painting or photo that doesn’t have too much personal meaning for it, so you don’t scatter old memories to create new ones.

“Using an easily removable felt, who says you can’t recycle the frame again after the ceremony is over?

“Finally, remember to place your sign out of reach of children, or more clumsy guests (uncle drunk – I’m looking at you). Broken glass is the last thing you need on your wedding day!

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