FFFAAARRR architecture builds monumental brick homes in Jakarta

homes that prioritize sunny common space

Indonesian architecture studio FFFAAARRR completes a light-filled apartment complex in Jakarta, which stands as a monumental series of interconnected brick boxes. Titled Kos Haji Baun — kos as it is an Indonesian term that describes an apartment building or guest house – the project is located in the Haji Baun neighborhood of the city, which has recently experienced rapid commercial development and increasing demand for housing.

The architects note the client’s hopes of elevating the property above typical residential blocks. ‘Being a family business, the customer asked for quality over quantity,’ they comment. With this in mind, the number of units was limited and communal areas were allowed to breathe.

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the long and narrow houses

The team of FFFAAARRR plans the Kos Haji Baun residential complex and organizes the architecture with private apartments around communal living areas. The design process started from the inside out with the smallest indoor unit: the room. The architects sought to rethink the familiar plan of the typical room and instead explore new variations and spatial geometries.

The team focused on a long and narrow layout with a width of two meters, the exact length of a bed. They explain: “We investigated multiple combinations of the perimeter and it resulted not only in linear spaces, but also in cross-shaped spaces, each with a mezzanine as an option..’ The resulting configuration combines fourteen apartments – six linear units and eight cross-shaped units.

fffaaarrr architecture

under the floating brick boxes

FFFAAARRR makes efficient use of the outdoor space on the ground floor by arranging the apartments along the top two floors and projecting them over the parking lot as floating volumes. The ground floor is programmed with a large open-air common area, a mixed-use hall, a living space for the landlord’s assistant and a dining space that repeats on each level.

Overall, the project is characterized as a row of massive and narrow volumes clad in warm, textured masonry. The building’s west-facing facade is completely covered with a brick grille that filters the sunlight and moderates the indoor temperature.

fffaaarrr architecture

youthful living spaces by fffaaarrr architecture

The design team describes the general spirit of the work:This project depicts a temporary living space for young people in the city of Jakarta, who, after a long day of work and commute in traffic, go home away from their family, or better still, a private living space and workspace at the same time.

We envision open spaces, earthy materials, greenery, and a place you’re proud to call home.’

fffaaarrr architecturefffaaarrr architecture

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