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A few simple signs adorn the exterior of the black, white, and gray home built by the Dingman family. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

To the right of the house is the last project completed on the Dingman house. Deck-in-a-day brothers-in-law recently completed the backyard white fence. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

The Dingman is ready for another family movie night. Scooby Doo was the hallmark of the evening. Pictured from left: Lucy, Owen (cousin), Jordie, Tyler and Logan. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

A glimpse of some of the latest Dingman-specific styling can be seen just behind the tap in the form of funky wallpaper. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

Jordie (left) cuts chicken cooked by Tyler while talking to her daughter Lucy on their oversized kitchen island. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

Lucy loves to let out her energy on the trampoline in the Dingman’s fenced backyard. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

One of Jordie’s favorite areas in their home is the covered patio, which doubles as an extra living room. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

According to Logan, Lucy and Owen, Scooby Doo is the best choice for a family movie night. (AnnaMarie Ward/The Union)

MT. PLEASANT — Coming from families rich in home building skills and experiences, it was more a matter of when, not if, Jordie and Tyler Dingman would build a home in the lovely town of Mt. Pleasant, where they both grew up.

The Dingman’s “when” also happened at just the right time, as they narrowly missed rising prices for timber, labor, materials and COVID-19-related delays.

“We didn’t lock in prices until about two weeks before COVID hit,” Jordie said.

The couple bought their plot of land in November 2019, broke the ground in early March 2020 and moved in November 2020.

“If prices had been what they are now, we probably would have bought a house,” Jordie said of the large increase in material costs.

Building their house went relatively smoothly thanks to the help of many hands and heads, and Jordie said the hardest part was coordinating when each stage of work could begin.

Being able to use family skills for their construction, it was hard to name an official general contractor, so much of that sort of organization fell on Tyler.

Uncle Jeff Rusill, however, did many of the other general contractor duties.

Another uncle, John Lambert, took charge of the drywall in front of the house, while Tyler’s father, Dan Dingman, led most of the building plans with the help of Mehring Construction.

“We painted,” Jordie said of her and Tyler’s physical contribution to the build. “I would never do that again, but that was about all we had to do.”

However, Tyler might consider himself more of a DIY expert than Jordie would give him credit for.

“Deck in Day too,” Tyler interrupted as they thought of all their relatives who worked on the project.

“Oh, deck in a day,” Jordie repeated with a chuckle. “It started with him and the brother-in-law putting a deck on our old house in one day. Then they started calling themselves Deck In A Day, and they did some other projects at each other’s houses and helped out here with painting and stuff.”

According to Tyler, he and brother-in-law Marcus Mullen not only painted the house, but also installed the backyard fence, and quickly.

While the building experience itself didn’t last very long, it took quite some time to decide what kind of home their family of four would live in.

“We went to a lot of open houses in Des Moines, Iowa City and Tiffin,” Jordie said. “This layout was actually quite popular in those areas, but more unique here.”

Jordie also attributes some of their design choices to exhibits in home shows and pinterest.

According to Jordie, they spent nearly a year looking at different housing types before even picking out a lot of land to start building.

Now Jordie and Tyler enjoy their 1,900-square-foot three-bedroom, three-bathroom home with their children Lucy and Logan and cats Jack and Cheddar and a crazy dog ​​who loves the trampoline.

They enjoy being close to family and have discovered that they already knew some of their neighbors.

The family is now working to put a more individualized stamp on the house.

“We kept it a little basic so we could add details along the way,” Jordie said.

“I want to make a funky backsplash in the kitchen,” Jordie said. “Not just any white subway tile.”

In keeping with the theme that family is the greatest help, Jordie’s sister, Jerilyn Horn, owner of Jerilyn Horn Kitchen & Bath Design, plans to help Jordie make her funky backsplash dreams come true.

“We recently put up that wallpaper,” Jordie said, pointing to a white wallpaper with deep green designs that look like evergreen trees peeking out of the laundry room.

The couple have a few different projects that have yet to be done to complete their vision, such as the downstairs bathroom, front porch, and landscaping, but they are happy in their home.

Jordie’s favorite room is the covered backyard patio with fireplace. It actually has the same fireplace as the living room, just on the opposite side of the windows, which really makes it feel like an entire outdoor living room.

She is also very pleased with the open kitchen layout and the large island in their kitchen.

“I like that I can cook and just watch TV or keep an eye on the kids,” she said.

According to Jordie, Tyler’s favorites are the garage and the basement.

Tyler agreed that they are actually his favorite, and he would like to finish the garage one day.

The basement is a sweet family space with a wet bar and vintage-inspired popcorn cart that the whole family can enjoy for the ever-so-ordinary family movie night.

So, between ticking off the ‘Honey Do’ list, Jordie teaching gym class at Mount Pleasant, and Tyler Digital Directing at Cambridge, the Dingman family can most likely be found outside enjoying some nice weather, or downstairs popping popcorn at a family movie.

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