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Fable Pets’ Jeremy Canade’s favorite dog essentials are designed for city life


Jeremy Canade and his sister Sophie Bakalar co-founded pet accessory brand Fable Pets around the same time Canade acquired Ranger, a border collie you might recognize from the Fable Pets website. “He’s very smart and has been modeling for Fable Pets since he was a puppy, so he’s actually quite good,” Kanade says of his dog’s charm on camera. “We bring him to shoot whether he plans on being in it or not, because we always end up with a dog that doesn’t do exactly what we need him to do. And Ranger knows his signs. He’s an expert,” Canada says. (A proud dog dad indeed.)

As it turns out, Ranger also inadvertently tests every product before it’s on the market, once the prototype is safe to interact with pets — so there’s that, but the Fable Pets team also makes sure the products are suitable for all types of dogs (not just a good border collie). very). Whether the owner has a serious canine craving or a food obsession, Fable Pets merchandise is designed to work for any furry friends who live with you. “I think that over the past two decades, we’ve seen a shift in the way people think of their pets as members of the family,” says Canady.

In contrast, Fable Pets is founded on creating thoughtful, critically considered pieces that “truly take the pet and the person into account when designing the products.” As well-meaning members of the family, this means that your dog should be able to get into a crate that is really nice and comfortable to sleep in. While most metal dog crates look like impersonal crates, Fable Pets crates are handcrafted from wood with rounded edges and have a clear acrylic gate. Designed with both customers—the dog and the owner—in mind, Canade says this crate can double as a living room decor or side table.

“You have all the walkers, all the grooming items, all the toys, all the distractions and stimuli, the way you feed them, where they sleep — there is an ecosystem of products that support living with a pet,” Canady continues. “Historically, they all looked awful and weren’t even considered for the individual or the pet. They’re made of dangerous plastics that could actually kill a dog. This industry is unregulated, so a lot of companies don’t even think about it. So it just felt like A huge gap in the market, one we’re excited to fill, and we take great pride in making products that are as kind to the people and pets they provide.”

Canade and Ranger live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, so it’s safe to say that Fable Pets are a perfect fit for city dwellers and those living in the sprawling suburbs and beyond. “Simple style, in general, is important to me and we try to keep the products we make for pets supportive of that—we want them to be able to blend into most home styles,” Canade says of the effortless, clean designs of the chew toys, dog bed, leash, bowls, and carrier. “We don’t want to have something that is exclusionary or difficult to fit into.”

As such, Fable Pets products blend seamlessly with other pet-centric essentials Canade can’t live without like a Dyson vacuum, scented dog wash, and an airy WFH office setup. As for the future of the brand, “one of the most common requests we get is for more sizes of things,” Canady says of where they’re going with their current best sellers. “And we’re really excited about enrichment games because a lot of dogs don’t get enough mental stimulation and exercise. There’s a lot to expect in the future.”


“I don’t crate my Ranger when I go out, but he loves his crate and bed to nap and retreat to when he’s feeling anxious or insecure, especially when there’s a loud building and city noise.”

“Pet-friendly plants from The Sill to add some worry-free greenery to your home.”

“Ranger’s favorite pastime is playing fetch. When the toy doesn’t keep Ranger occupied and he doesn’t fall asleep, I throw this ball for him or hide it around the apartment and have him look for it. It’s our newest product!”

“A good vacuum cleaner may be the single most important item in your home when you live with a dog who feeds. I love Dyson’s design and spirit of innovation. The animal/pet vacuums come with a high torque cleaning head that has added anti-tangle technology which is perfect for picking up pet hair while ensuring it doesn’t get tangled up on the brush bar.”

“Great for humans and dogs. It’s not completely fur-proof, but whatever, just wash it!”

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