EXCLUSIVE Rainer Hughes Senior Partner angers neighbor with new mansion

bring back neighbors: McGovern (l) and Panesar (r).

As if he didn’t have enough money, a lawyer on trial for money laundering gets into a heated argument with his neighbor over a giant new house.

Snowbird Foods Managing Director Albert McGovern has accused Rainer Hughes’ Senior Partner and founder Sanjay Panesar of overdeveloping the land next to his luxury home.

When McGovern bought his £1.6m home on one of Dartford’s trendiest streets, the adjacent plot was occupied by a small cottage. However, their relationship took a turn for the worse when Panesar received planning permission to demolish the bungalow and replace it with a more suitable mansion in the neighborhood.

McGovern complained to the council after his initial appeal was dismissed, “The new construction is a gigantic beast being built practically on the boundary line, causing high oppressive walls to shade my patio”.

before the pantheon

View from McGovern’s garden, now with 80% more bricks.

McGovern told RollOnFriday that the attorney’s development had turned into a nightmare and “mutated regardless of approved plans.”

He said the roof had created extra windows overlooking his garden, the wall was 5cm closer to the time limit when planned, leaving a 23cm gap to hinder maintenance, and now there are “three 360-degree CCTV cameras, all facing my house and patio.” .

Dartford Council told McGovern that the property’s increased footprint could be a “minor planning oversight breach” that would be “unfit for the Local Planning Authority to take action”. [sic]. And he said builders still have time to darken the glass in the extra windows and close them.

However, his relaxed approach did not satisfy the director. “I object to any window that is wide or doesn’t overlook my property,” McGovern said. “When I sit on the patio or dine in my conservatory, I want to enjoy the privacy of my own property and not be overlooked, or let the light in through the windows of the neighboring property looking at mine,” he said.

panesar plan

The beginning of the end of intimate relationships.

Through his spokesperson, Panesar said, “I am very sorry that the work on this house has caused such a upset and conflict with a neighbor. It seems to me that everything was signed by the council and I adhered to all planning permission, but I am very disappointed that Mr. McGovern fell out with me”.

Panesar’s spokesperson said existing violations will be rectified. “It is wrong to argue that all these complaints would be valid if the building was completed, but it was not completed and therefore the zoning permit was violated before the work was completed,” he said.

He also denied that Panesar was the owner of the property, saying that “the planning was done through the architects who use his name in the document”, but that “it would be unfair to claim that he owns the property”. immortality”.

The spokesperson did not respond before the RollOnFriday deadline when asked to provide details about a text message sent to McGovern, in which Panesar describes himself as the “owner”.

sanjay text

It would be fair to say that goodwill is low.

The spokesperson denied Sanjay Panesar any connection to the property on the other side of the controversial development, claiming it was “completely separate and has nothing to do with it”. When asked if this was true given that the registered owners of the development land and the property next door are members of Panesar’s family, he did not respond before RollOnFriday’s deadline.

A spokesperson for Dartford City Council told RollOnFriday that he could not comment on the recording.

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