Etsy Joins The Expert, Retailers Dump Housewares & More

The winners of the popular UK dating show island of love were crowned yesterday, but the show’s candy-colored outdoor furniture was the real star of the series for some viewers. Whatever happens next, stay informed with our weekly roundup of headlines, releases and events, recommended reading and more.

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After a two-year surge in consumer spending on goods like lawn furniture, garden supplies, cookware and other home products, major retailers are selling surplus items to liquidators at deep discounts. What The New York Times Many consumers have reportedly decided to funnel their income into essentials like groceries and gasoline as inflation drives up prices, halting pandemic-induced purchases and sparking widespread shopper’s remorse: In 2021, shoppers returned a average 16.6 percent of purchases, an increase of 10.6 percent in 2020 and more than double the rate of 2019. Now, unprecedented excess inventory is prompting some liquidators to open new facilities from the which will seek out new buyers and markets for the discounted items.

Last week, Instagram users (including Kim Kardashian Y Kylie Jenner) began circulating petitions and posts asking the app’s creators to roll back features that can be found on the first video platform TikTok. In recent months, Instagram’s algorithm has shifted to favor Reels (short TikTok-like videos that generate over $1 billion annually for parent company Meta) and recommended photo posts (read: ads) over content. organically posted by accounts a user follows. . In response, TechCrunch reports, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced a number of changes to address user concerns, including temporarily reducing the number of recommended posts and phasing out its TikTok-like full-screen video feature on the home screen. Still, Mosseri said Instagram will continue to support video features in the future.

Design Miami’s show in Paris, which had been scheduled for October, will now be postponed until 2023. The decision comes after the show’s originally planned venue at Place de la Concorde was hampered by event permit restrictions. audiences in Paris, forcing Design Miami to secure an alternative. Location. According to the art newspaperthe city’s new police commissioner rejected the proposed location for the fair due to “security concerns” related to the venue, which is situated near a public square in central Paris.

Restful sleep technology company Bryte Inc. has secured a $20 million investment round led by Tempur Sealy International. Known primarily for its flagship product, The Restorative Bed, Bryte produces in-bed technology that allows users to optimize their sleep by collecting data and providing comfort adjustments accordingly. Along with the financing, both companies have announced plans to collaborate on future products, services and technology.

Butlr, a body heat sensor startup spun out of the MIT Media Lab, has announced the completion of a $20 million Series A funding round, TechCrunch reports. The company’s technology uses thermal sensors and artificial intelligence to collect data on the occupation activity of a space. founders Honghao Deng Y jiani zeng built the discovery platform to help companies measure space requirements for hybrid work environments. With the new capital, the company plans to focus on product development and expanding its workforce.

Planters from the Vårdande collectionCourtesy of Ikea

Launches and Collaborations

Ikea has partnered with five Asian social entrepreneurship companies from India to Vietnam, including Classical, Ramesh Flowers, Doi Tung, Spun and Saitex, for a product collaboration designed to bring long-term job opportunities to those in vulnerable areas. Each business was selected for its commitment to improving the livelihoods of marginalized groups; Vietnam-based denim manufacturer Saitex, for example, is striving to create a workforce in which 20 percent of employees are differently-abled or youth from disadvantaged backgrounds by 2025. The Vårdande Collection was crafted sustainably using locally sourced materials and includes items like kimonos, yoga mats, baskets, soft storage solutions, bowls, planters and more.

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Instead of going down the Eat Pray Love route, the next generation of single women is rediscovering itself a little closer to home. What jennifer miller reports for The New York Times, a growing number of women (some fueled by a breakup) are discovering independence and empowerment through real estate investing or becoming property owners and managers. In turn, industry-specific groups such as Lady Landlords and Real Estate InvestHer have sprung up to provide community and support. Meanwhile, on social media, the piece has sparked an occasionally sarcastic debate: Can ownership really be equated with personal fulfillment?

Earlier this year, prominent real estate developer Nile To themThe search to sell the most expensive real estate in the country for $500 million has come to an end. For The Wall Street Journal, katherine clarke presents the saga, beginning with Niami’s origins as a house flipper in the San Fernando Valley in the 1990s, to its recent efforts to build an approximately 105,000-square-foot mega-mansion with a nightclub and five swimming pools, an effort which he hoped would revolutionize the real estate industry. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t.)

Etsy Joins The Expert, Retailers Dump Housewares & More

The work of Grand Prize winner Ejatu ShawCourtesy of Etsy

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The winners of the Etsy Design Awards have been announced, highlighting a group of emerging creative entrepreneurs chosen by a panel that included designers from The Expert. brigette romanek, jake arnold Y jenna lyonsalong with Etsy’s trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. In addition to a list of winners in home decor and lighting, furniture, kitchen and dining, art, and antiques, the competition selected a grand prize winner, the Geometric Modern Wall Hanging from seller WeAreLunarium, and a People’s Choice winner, which went to the Aura Convex Mirror from seller SurreyWoodsmiths. To see the full list of winners, click here.

Home page image: Items from Ikea’s new Vårdande collection | Courtesy of Ikea

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