Entryway Ideas: 5 Best Entryway Design Ideas

Entrances: The first thing you see when you walk through your door every day, and the place of the first impression your guests will have of your home. But what are they technically?

An “entrance” simply means the doorway, passageway, or general interior area around the front door of your home. Colloquially, we’ve come to use “entrance” as a more general term for the first part of the house you see once inside.

Some might argue that this confuses an entrance and a foyer (a small space behind the front door that sets the space apart from the rest of the house). Many consider an entrance more like a hallway than a separate foyer-like area.

Indeed, foyer ideas are more formal than entrance designs, although such terms have often been used interchangeably in recent times. For the purposes of this article, we’ll use “entrance” in a loose sense of the word, simply meaning the first room, hallway, foyer, or other that we encounter upon entering through the front door.


Applying beautiful entrance ideas has both practical and psychological benefits. Entrance halls are usually a convenient place to take off your shoes, hang up a coat, put down your bags and put your keys.

Having a well-organized entrance with a designated place for all of these items is a great way to cut down on the frenetic, where-are-my-keys moments that haunt even the best of us. It also makes it easier to clean the floors because you have a permanent place to put your shoes and no dirt runs through the house. With all the outside dirt localized in one area, you’ll know exactly where to focus your attention when you first start cleaning the house.


But even beyond the functional: entryways are a space where you prepare to leave the outside world behind and focus on your home. Taking a moment to take off your shoes and coat after a day’s work is another way to train your body to recognize that you are now home and free to act or dress however you please. Such a ritual act has great potential to induce feelings of relaxation when you enter the room and will likely make it much easier for you to separate work and personal life.

So, how can you maximize this effect? What are the things you would like to consider before undertaking an entrance renovation?


First and foremost, write down the things you find particularly attractive in entrances. Build a concept of color palette and style that is unique to your taste – you are the one who will see it the most and you want it to bring you as much joy as possible. Avoid making choices that you think will impress or favor other people. The most important thing about the entrance of your house is that you like it younot your ideas of what other people might like.

Below is a list of ten beautiful and intriguing entrance designs; take a look and make a note of what you find most (or least!) attractive about each style. This should help inspire your own hallway ideas and hopefully spur you on your remodeling journey.

Home entrance ideas: 5 decoration ideas for entrance halls

5. Create your best shelf

5-entrance ideas.jpg

Floating shelves are another one of many beautiful home entrance ideas. They take up little space but provide much-needed organization. Natural wood shelves, like the oak shelf pictured above, add a bit of rustic charm to the room. You can buy the same plank here at Wood You Buy for $108.

4. Table any doubts


A floor table is another wonderful way to combine practical storage with a personalized aesthetic. You can find this simple yet sophisticated Seb Console Table for just $599 here among Castlery’s extensive range of hall furniture.

3. Sweep it under the rug


A rug is another perfect opportunity to subtly enhance the appeal of an entryway. A long rug, in particular, embodies the conceptual purpose of the entryway, as it seems to lead you to the rest of the house. The diversity of carpet styles, colors and materials is enormous and it will certainly not be difficult to find the right rug for your home. You can buy the Hand Braided Jute Runner Rug pictured above at AU Rugs for just $169.

2. Keep it practical


An excellent way to reap all the benefits that smart hallway ideas can bring to your home is to combine practicality with aesthetic appeal. Finding beautiful, smart pieces of furniture like a console or this hall tree from Temple & Webster will help you create a space that is both functional and beautiful. The perfect place to hang keys or coats and add a beautiful rustic accent to any entryway, this entryway tree is currently for sale. It’s on sale here for just $269.

1. Think about it


Mirrors are a particularly useful item to have in a hallway – they’re the perfect place to quickly check your reflection before you leave the house, and your reflection will be there to greet you every time you come home. It will encourage you to take stock of the toll your day has taken on you, promoting self-love and self-care.


Mirrors are also a great option for brightening up small entryways, as they work with the room’s natural lighting to increase the apparent space. The best entryway mirror ideas for small homes include using a single mirror placed near a light source to brighten up the room without cluttering it. You can buy the mirror pictured above at West Elm for $899.

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