Elegant Decoration Ideas for an Intimate Roka Ceremony

Being the very first ceremony that marks the beginning of a completely new life, the roka decor should feel like an enlightened affair and contain all the elements of a personal touch. Gone are the days when people didn’t pay much attention to this ceremony, now day people get ready for the roka decoration a few days before the actual ceremony and look like their very first party wedding dress with chic but quirky elements. Well, to give your roka ceremony an Instagrammable shine, you don’t need a fancy, big-budget venue. You can add beautiful yet affordable elements to your home to make it a low-key place worthy of a roka. Here are some stylish home decor ideas for planning an intimate roka ceremony.

pastel curtains with enchanting floral strings

Curtains are the age-old method of decorating that can enhance your space while making it look perfect for a small function like a roka ceremony. String bouquets of white flora affixed to it make the decor fabulous for an afternoon brunch, lunch or even an evening snack. If you want to keep the decor subtle and minimal, go for the pastel colored curtains, but if you want to fantasize the look, then a hint of shimmer can completely transform your Roka decor.

Touch of foliage at the entrance

One of the most neglected areas of the house, the main door should be covered in delicate elements that magically take your guests breath away before they even enter. Go OTT with the lush greens of the main entrance for a splendid look and leave the overall decor minimal. This will balance out all the elements without making the decor look overdone. You can beautify all sides of the door by covering it with dense greens. Also, add rose flowers in random places for a more natural look.

Touch of foliage at the entrance

Flores in a clay pot and candles for the magic touch

While we usually adorn every corner of the house, the top of furniture is one of the most neglected spaces that can get in the way of all your preparations. Rustic containers or simply earthen pots filled with flower petals, water, twigs or floating candles can add a touch of whimsy to your decor while keeping it sophisticated. Keep the same variety of flowers throughout the space for a more unified look.

Flores in earthen pot

The ruffled ceiling

Scalloped ceilings capture the main attention and to get creative with your roof decoration, all you have to do is get crafty with pastel paper ruffles and convert them into draperies. Stick it all over the ceiling and your guests will be amazed. What else? It even works charmingly for your photos. This simple DIY can bring light to your dull ceilings without even breaking the bank.

The ruffled ceiling

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