Easy DIY Mother’s Day Flower Pot

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Show your love and appreciation for your mother with this thoughtful DIY Mother’s Day Flower Pot with a special message.

This creative homemade Mother’s Day gift is inexpensive and easy to make. It can be made under $5 with Dollar Tree supplies and takes about 15 minutes to make. It’s a great last-minute Mother’s Day gift, a fun keepsake from a Cricut Mother’s Day craft project, and it’s something fun to make that your kids can help you with. This wonderful Mother’s Day gift idea would also make a great gift for your Grandmother on Grandparents Day.


  • small terracotta pot
  • white chalk paint (you can also use acrylic paint)
  • vinyl cricut paper
  • cricut weeding (optional)
  • Cricut machine or other vinyl cutting machine. I use Cricut Explore Air 2
  • scissors
  • foam brush or brushes
  • small flowers, plants, succulents or herbs – The flowers I used are petunias, but purple violas will be cute too!

You can get the flower pot and black vinyl from Dollar Tree. The little petunias came from Walmart and were $1.38. Walmart also has many other small plants and flowers for about the same price. You can also just buy seeds for your mom’s favorite flower and grow them herself! If your mom has green fingers or likes gardening, she would definitely love that.

mother's day flower pot

Instructions for this Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft:

  1. Use white paint to paint the flower pot and let it dry. It takes about 5-10 minutes to dry.
  2. Create the Cricut image and cut it out. Refer to the instruction card below for more detailed step-by-step instructions. Here’s my design you can use as a template.
    • I just used all the system fonts I had, namely Rockwell and Playlist Script, and I used one of the free heart shapes, so you don’t need Cricut Access for this project!
    • You may have to pick one yourself if you don’t have it on your computer. I think the combination of script and typewriter font looks nice, but you can choose which fonts you want!
  3. Remove the letters and shapes from the vinyl using the weeding tools (or your fingers) and add them to your flower pot. Add the hearts to the edge of the flower pot.

Mother’s Day Flower Pot Customization:

  • change the colors of the flower pots or vinyl.
  • add a bow or other accent.
  • wrap twine around the brim instead of using vinyl hearts.
  • for a handmade look, write the message on the jar instead of using a marker or chalk marker instead of vinyl letters.

mother's day flower pot

Flower pot for Mother’s Day

a flower pot gift for Mother’s Day using the Cricut machine and Dollar Tree supplies

Active time15 minutes

Total time30 minutes

Yield: 1 flower pot

Cost: $5


  • 1 terra cotta flower pot
  • white chalk paint
  • brush or foam brush
  • small flowers, plants, succulents, herbs or seeds
  • vinyl glue black


  • Paint your flower pot white and let it dry. It takes about 5-10 minutes to dry.

  • While your jar is drying, open your Cricut Design space app and create your cricut design. The link for mine is above along with the fonts I used, but you may need to provide your own if you don’t have those specific fonts in your system fonts. If you are creating your own project, click on new project and if you are using mine, click on customize.

  • Center your words and once everything is where you want it, highlight everything by dragging your mouse over everything or pressing CTRL + A or CMD + A (for Mac) and clicking Attach in your toolbar on the right. This allows your design to stay in one place without having to rearrange. It will make it much easier to align your letters on the jar without the guesswork.

  • Turn on your Cricut machine.

  • Click Create. Select the media size and click Continue.

  • Load the vinyl mat into the machine.

  • Select the correct material type and settings and press go to start cutting your project.

  • Weed the vinyl by removing the letters from your vinyl with your weeding tool. You can also use transfer paper for this, but I found it easy enough to do without. I started with the middle word in the middle first to get the positioning right. Then I did the other words after. Make sure you look where the “L” in “love” is relative to the word below, so put it above the “R” in “grow” for example.

  • After your text is placed on the pot, space the hearts evenly along the rim of the pot. You can also add one to either side of the word “love.”

  • Add the flower or plant of your choice to the flower pot.

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