Driver reaches 104 mph while fleeing from police Loose dog attacks woman’s dog during a walk: Brook Park police diary


Brook Park, Ohio –

Escape & Escape: Smith Road

The unidentified driver led the police in a high-speed chase at about 1:00 a.m. on May 14.

Police try to stop a Chevrolet The driver’s Monte Carlo after seeing the car go straight through the intersection of Smith-Brook Park Road from the left lane is for the turn only. The driver then turned west from Smith onto Harrison Drive and was unable to stop at the stop sign as it turned east onto Ashland Drive.

follow the police radar The driver was traveling 58 mph in a 25 mph zone. The driver speeds north to Smith and into Cleveland.

Police followed Monte Carlo as it turned onto several roads. Then heading west onto Puritas Road, the driver turned off the headlights. The driver then turned south onto West 174th Street. Police lost the vehicle and terminated the pursuit.

during the chase The driver’s top speed is 104 mph on West 150th Street.

Police knew the last person driving the Monte Carlo was a 36-year-old woman who was wanted by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office. However, police were unable to say who was driving that morning. because the car’s glass is dark

Potentially Dangerous Dog: Christine Boulevard

A woman told police around 10am on May 14 that she was walking her dog in the street. A neighbor’s dog attacked her dog.

The woman said that The neighbor had let his dog out of the house. during the attack The neighbor called the dog back to the yard. and the dog came back

The woman said she believed her dog was injured in the attack. But not sure because her dog is furry. She said she would take her dog to the veterinarian.

The neighbor said he did not intentionally leave the dog outside. He said the dog sneaked out of the yard as he was about to leave the shelter.

This woman said it wasn’t the first time a neighbor’s dog had attacked her dog. The police referred the matter to the city’s animal control officer.

Punching and Entering: Holland Road

Someone broke into Brook Park Community Church of the Brethren, 16845 Holland between 7:30 PM on May 13 and 7:30 AM on May 14.

Church officials found a broken side window. Police said someone entered the building because the glass shattered inside.

The small window of the interior office was smashed, allowing someone to unlock the office door. The office is used by Audrey’s Outreach, a pantry.

Inside the office, cabinets were ransacked and several gift cards were missing. The lockbox was removed from one of the cabinets and left on the table. But there was no valuables in the locked box.

Police found a box of Band-Aid bandages and a bloody tissue in one of the church bathrooms.


Property Damage: Scott Drive

Scott’s recycling bin and part of the wooden fence next to it. It caught fire at about 11:00 PM on May 11.

Brook Park’s fire has been extinguished.

Using a Vehicle Under the Influence: Brookpark Road

The 41-year-old Parma man was arrested around 1am on May 16 after police caught him driving drunk in the parking lot of the Milano 14600 Brookpark monument.

Police noticed the man’s Mitsubishi station wagon. by turning on the headlights in the parking lot As the police stopped and walked to the car The driver, later identified as a Parma man, started backing the car away The police yelled at him to stop, and he did.

The man told police he stopped in the parking lot to look at his phone. The car smells like alcohol. The man admitted to drinking earlier. He failed the field sobriety test.

Theft: Independence Court

g The handgun was reportedly stolen at about 4:30 p.m. on May 14 from a car parked outside the Liberty Bell Liberty condo.

The victim said he had locked the car door. But there was no sign that it would be forced in.

Using a Vehicle Under the Influence: Smith Road & Elm Avenue

Brook Park, 68, was arrested around 12:30am on May 16 for driving while intoxicated at Smith and Elm.

Police began tracking a woman’s Lincoln SUV on Brook Park Street eastward. Her right turn signal was constantly flashing. As the woman turned south toward Smith, her car left center.

The police turned on the overhead lights, but the woman didn’t stop. She continued south to Smith. Then turn east towards Elm. At that moment the police sirens sounded.

The woman eventually stopped her car at Elm on West 151st Street, but didn’t manage to throw the wrapper of gum out the window.

The woman was confused. Her eyes were red and glassy. She asked police to let her drive her home, saying “you don’t have to do this.” The woman said she knew Brook Park Mayor Edward Orcutt.

This woman failed the field sobriety test.

Criminal Damage: Snow Road

Glass panel breaks out of frame in Brookview Elementary School 14105 Snow

It was reported around noon on May 11 that police examined the building but found no new damage.

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