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Elsewhere Garden Bar and Kitchen has purchased six acres for its 2023 expansion.

The owners of popular downtown hangout Elsewhere Garden Bar and Kitchen have focused on a selfie-worthy expansion in Northeast San Antonio, which will open early next year.

Terrin Fuhrmann, owner and experienced nightclub operator, Flow The new venue will reflect Elsewhere’s original location on the banks of the San Antonio River by being largely outdoors and featuring immersive art installations. Similarly, the new location will feature shady structures, lush landscaping, photo shoot locations and live music in a family- and pet-friendly atmosphere.

But there will be a new, 45-foot Ferris wheel, a secret garden chat, and a huge greenhouse for special events and weddings.

“You will certainly be able to see [the ferris wheel] From 1604,” said Fuhrmann, “even the name ‘Elsewhere’ refers to a space with no home, no business, alludes to this strange experience, and that’s what we plan to continue to do with Somewhere Elsewhere on the North End.”

Beyond the whimsical features, the second Elsewhere will have a larger kitchen and bar, a dedicated dog park area, and a kid-friendly playground. The bar and restaurant also hopes to forge partnerships with bands that can stage immersive experiences onsite.

“If we have room on the property, we talk to it. [other local art spots] It’s about a spinoff concept, so it’s going to be this fun, funky, whimsical art destination unlike anything else in town,” added Fuhrmann.

Fuhrmann and business partner Nolan Ellis may be bringing in a new arts-focused partner for the venture. However, they refused to describe the organization as they were working on the preliminary design.

Elsewhere’s flagship location at 103 E. Jones Ave. opened in 2020 when the owners took over the riverfront property formerly occupied by chef Andrew Weissman’s fast-casual restaurant The Luxury.

Elsewhere Garden Bar and Patio will open a second branch in 2023.  - INSTAGRAM / ELSEWHERESATX

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Elsewhere Garden Bar and Patio will open a second location in 2023.

Fuhrmann says, “I’ve had 11 concepts over the last 15 years, mostly nightclubs, but as I’ve gotten older and my tastes have changed. I wanted to create a place where I wanted to go, that’s more inviting. , more comfortable: less bottle service and loud music.”

“People who don’t really want to go downtown, struggling with parking there, now we’ll have something to offer them.”

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