Dog Refuses To Let Cat Go – Owner Goes Pale Upon Learning Why


No time to waste

When Peter came home from work, he saw his beloved dog, Max, and his cat, Sam, lying in a strange position. At first, he thought they were having fun, but when he realized that Max wasn’t going to let go of the pussy, he turned pale. After calling the vet, he would soon understand why.

The latter says to
Peter that there was no time to waste. He had heard of such a situation before and the prospect was not good. But to ensure that was the case, he needed Peter to come to his office with her pussy. Peter quickly rushed into his car…

A matter of life or death

The vet asked her to hurry, as it could be a matter of life or death for the little cat. But not everything went as planned. Apparently, it was rush hour on the roads. “Why now ?” Peter thought. His anxiety grew. He was in the middle of a panic attack. Fortunately, he managed to overcome the traffic jams and he was finally going to succeed in achieving his goal.


Once they got to the doctor’s office with Sam, the vet’s assistant sat him down. She informed him that the doctor would get him through as quickly as he could. But it had already been almost an hour since they hung up. Peter couldn’t contain his anger any longer.

Storming the vet’s office

Peter was very angry, asking the doctor to come and see his cat. He himself said it was a dangerous situation, so why wasn’t he already there? He rushed into his office, yelling that he had to take care of Sam right away. But the vet didn’t want to know: he was already busy with another dog. But when his mistress saw Peter’s look of despair, she made a benevolent decision for him.

Man looking at a female nurse working at the reception desk in the hospital

She realized that Sam needed urgent help compared to her dog who was only there for a routine checkup. Very quickly, Peter calmed down a bit since he was relieved that Sam was finally able to get checked out. He wanted to know what was going on.

Doctor’s questions

But as soon as the vet started examining Sam, he paled. It looked like he knew what was going on, but didn’t want to tell Peter. But to make sure he had the correct diagnosis, he asked Sam’s handler a few questions. The vet started with normal questions.

But things took a turn when he asked some weirder questions about how Sam was being treated. Peter was bewildered. Why did he want to know such things? Shouldn’t he examine his body instead? But the doctor was not in a good mood.


The vet was shocked by the answers Peter gave him. How could he have done this? Especially as an adult. The doctor rushed out of his office, heading straight for his assistant to help her. He needed help because he had never imagined getting such answers. He quickly began with some medical tests.

He needed the results as soon as possible to confirm his doubts. The vet took Sam with him, but it wasn’t easy. The cat was restless and even a little aggressive. He needed his assistant to help him lengthen the hairball. But that wasn’t even the hardest part…


A slow approach

The vet needed Sam to stretch. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to examine it properly. He asked his assistant to do it, but it was not easy, because the cat was very aggressive. Sam looked ready to scratch and bite anything and anyone.

The doctor then asked Peter to lend him a hand: maybe he was the right person to calm the animal. But it turned out very clearly that this was not going to help at all. Sam was too vigorous and didn’t even recognize her own boss anymore…

Observe a large swelling

But after a few minutes, she still calmed down a bit. The vet took his chance and immediately stretched him out on the consulting table. He was finally going to be able to examine that pussy properly. As soon as he started his work, he noticed a big swelling in Sam’s stomach.

He knew that was not good news. Peter also noticed that the doctor had noticed something odd. He immediately asked him what he had seen. Peter really wanted to know

change of tone

The vet’s tone changed: the situation looked serious. He whispered something to his assistant who left the room in a hurry. But Peter wanted to know what was going on. The doctor then told him something unexpected.

They were going to have to anesthetize Sam because he wanted to give her an ultrasound in addition to some additional tests. But the cat had to be sound asleep to avoid the pain she would feel if she were awake. Peter understood the situation and wanted the doctor to be able to continue.

More and more aggressive

Meanwhile, Sam had suddenly become more and more aggressive again. Peter and the vet had kept their distance hoping that she would calm down again… But that was not the case. The doctor knew that there was only one solution left: he could use more powerful drugs that he could administer remotely.

But it was not without risk. There was a possibility that Sam might not survive. He then asked the animal’s master what he wanted to do. Peter was up against the wall. It was a difficult choice. After a long moment of reflection, he decided with his heart rather than his head.

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