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We can’t wait to line the halls with all things red and green, but instead of spending a ton of money on Christmas decorations, we’re looking for something affordable: DIY holiday decor. Not only will making your own decor save you money, you’ll end up with something completely customizable and unique.

We spoke to Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid from The sorry girls for tips and tricks to get into the holiday mood. If you’re not one of the two million YouTube subscribers who already love this crafty duo, get ready because you’re about to! Since they started their YouTube channel in college in 2010, they have become an all-digital media brand, appearing everywhere from local newspapers to Good morning America. Now Kelsey and Becky are here to offer advice on DIY home decor that will last.


Be inspired by your current interior

Today there are so many different decor options for every style. But before you can furnish your space, you need to take stock of what you already have! Pinterest is one of our favorite sources for inspiration because it’s so easy to search for ideas related to the decor you already have. For example, do you already have a bunch of blue ornaments? Use Pinterest to find creative monochrome display ideas to show off your stash without having to spend money on new items.

Collaborate with friends

Not only does Pinterest let you find ideas for products you already have, you can also create collaboration boards with friends who have a different style than you to see ideas or projects that might be outside your comfort zone.

Go shopping at the shop window

Kelsey recommends looking at how other people have decorated in the real world. Explore and see how your local boutiques decorate their windows, or how your friends make their spaces look more festive. Snap photos of any artwork, store setup, or decor that will get your creative juices flowing.

the do-it-yourself

It can be very easy to feel intimidated by creating your own decor, especially if you’ve never done it before. But there are a few different ways you can make it easier on yourself while still getting that DIY finished product! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Give yourself a head start

Find a piece that’s already halfway through the kind of decor you want, whether it’s already in the shape you want and just needs a little paint, or it’s in your existing color scheme but needs some accessories. Being thrifty with your decor is a great compromise as it keeps you from building something from scratch and it’s cheaper than buying something brand new.

“Maybe there are already regular glass ornaments that you can buy a whole bag of for five dollars,” Becky says. “And then you could just paint them yourself in any color [or] pattern you want.”

When you take something you’ve used and make it your own, it becomes truly unique.

“You’re going to tailor things more in that sense,” Kelsey says.

Make something old new again

We know it’s hard, but when you’re saving for Christmas decorations, look beyond the details of the product you can change, such as paint or accessories.

“People don’t think about the fact that a little bit of paint goes a long way,” says Becky. “Maybe that ceramic Christmas tree that’s neon green and red is pretty ugly, but if you paint it a nice shiny gold, it’s beautiful again.”

Try upholstering again, add ribbons with hot glue or give the finished product a layer of fake snow to make it something completely new.

Keep it stylish

To make the time and money you spend on a DIY business worth it, focus on making something that will last for the holidays ahead.

“Go classic and timeless with your decor,” says Kelsey. “It’s like, ‘Am I going to bring this back next year? Am I going to bring it back the year after that?’ And if the answer is no, then I don’t want it in my house.”

Focus on colors and decor styles that you know will give you years of enjoyment. Now if you put in a little extra effort to make a good product, you won’t have to buy new decor every year.

Should you ever buy instead of DIY?

The pride of making something and having a totally unique product are just two reasons why DIY appeals to us (and The Sorry Girls!). However, don’t feel pressured to make something if you don’t have the time, money, or necessary skills.

“A friend of mine, a carpenter, had this custom media console made,” Kelsey says. “I know my skills and the tools at my disposal were not of the level I wanted.”

Although Kelsey felt that as a DIYer she had to make the console herself, she decided to support her friend and asked him to make it.

“I still have the do-it-yourself aspect… but I knew at the end of the day that I didn’t have all the tools at my disposal,” she says.

The advantages

pink letter board star

When you’re looking for truly customizable holiday decor, there’s nothing like making it yourself, especially if you can’t find the idea you’ve got in your head anywhere else.

“We can both be very picky, and we both like design and style, so often things in our brains aren’t always for sale,” Becky says. “A really cool part of DIY is that you can build it exactly the way you want it to fit in your exact space.”

It’s always worth it when a friend asks you where you bought a piece you made yourself. If they want it then they have to make it themselves!

“It’s not just something they can pick up at the store, so it makes it special in that sense,” Kelsey says.

“It’s best if someone asks you where something comes from and you say, ‘I made it myself,'” Becky says. “It makes it all worth it.”

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