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Last year, we discovered the seeds of the indoor evergreen revolution, and since then they have grown to epic proportions. Now, a new trend is spreading in the use of green in all elements of home design. The best way to use this color in your home?

According to design experts, if you plan to paint your walls in shade, you first need to scan the natural light before choosing a shade. If you’re working with limited natural light, consider using some lighter shades of green paint because it will inevitably look darker once set. If in doubt, choose a muted shade instead of a brighter shade. For, mild green paint shades add a cool ambiance to the room. It’s also a great way to help bring out the feeling of being outside.

Avoid using dark solid green tones as this can be too harsh. If you want to go darker, decorating with dark green wallpaper such as the forest trees below provides a more natural feel. Green is what really rules kitchen design these days. But here, you should be careful to mix it with white or natural wood tones. If your kitchen tiles are green, use white or wood on your cabinets.

If your cabinets are green, use white backsplashes. And in cabinets, light green tones, such as celery or sea green, help brighten up the kitchen, adding an airy feel even if the space is small. Green is an especially soothing shade for bedrooms, as it imparts a zen-like feel that makes you want to relax.

Once again, nature is life’s ultimate relaxation tool. Incorporating even a small amount of green or shades of green and blue into your bedroom can help you relax and plunge into a deep sleep at the end of the day. Green creates your own sanctuary space, a place for you to restore your depleted energy.

Green is also a color that looks great in bathrooms and powder rooms. When you add green to your bathroom, you surround yourself with a sense of nature. Nothing goes better with this interior design than water to help you create a spa-like getaway at home.

Finally, get creative with the green accents. Try using green with a single piece of furniture or throw pillows in beige and a neutral cream color. Even a touch of jade, like a vase or other distinctive piece,
It is popular in feng shui for creating harmony and balance. And of course, get into as many indoor plants as possible.

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