Diptyque’s coveted City Candles are back online for one week only

Half the fun of souvenir shopping is buying something unique there. Whether it’s a pair of leather sandals handcrafted by a cobbler in Italy or a tagine that requires an inordinate amount of bubble wrap to return from Morocco intact, a good souvenir is worth it, especially when it’s something that lifts you mentally. there long after you get home. French perfumer Diptyque’s City Candles, designed to evoke the scents of the cities they are named after, tick both boxes. While they’re usually only available for purchase in their respective cities, Diptyque occasionally throws the door open with an online sale.

For one week only, that opportunity is back: between April 21 and May 1, travelers can purchase candles from cities like Hong Kong, Paris, and Berlin on Diptyque’s website. This year, a new candle is also offered: Pekin, which is inspired by the design and fragrance of China and the imperial temples of Beijing. It smells of green tea and magnolia (one of the oldest trees in Beijing), with woody notes of sandalwood and cypress.

There are now 10 candles in total, all of which come in beautiful 6.5 ounce patterned glass jars, designed with the city’s landscape, culture and architecture in mind – the new Beijing Candle has a golden dragon illustrated on the outside, a symbol of good fortune and luck. They’re packaged in equally well-designed boxes that you’ll want to cling to, even just for decoration.

The candle scents are crafted with varying degrees of city specificity: New York’s, for example, blends cedarwood, vetiver and patchouli, meant to recall “the golden age of seductive and of the city’s nightlife. The Hong Kong candle, on the other hand, gets its floral-vanilla scent from the Bauhinia x Blakeana, also known as the Hong Kong orchid, a plant prized across the continent.

As well as being a great way to fill your living room or bedroom with nostalgic scents – the London Candle, for example, takes you to the Columbia Road Flower Market with its mix of heliotrope, lilac, juniper, hyacinth and spice – these candles also make a great travel gift for just about anyone on your list, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Mother’s Day or a housewarming party. For the friend who can’t wait to plan a trip back to Shanghai, the scent of osmanthus flowers and green tea (meant to pay homage to traditional tea ceremonies) should accompany them until the trip is booked. .

There are also options for those who want to recreate the feeling of strolling through Tokyo (Japanese cypress), Paris (chypre lavender), and Berlin (lime trees and light honey). Scents of the USA abound too, with a Miami citrus candle that will have you dreaming of lime pie, and white florals, mint and lemon meant to replicate the palm-lined streets and gardens of Miami. Beverly Hills. Diehard Los Angeles aficionados might recognize the candle design, a nod to the Martinican wallpaper used at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

All 10 candles will be available while supplies last on Diptyque’s website (in previous online sales they have sold out quite quickly, so don’t delay if you have a certain candle in mind). After that, they will resume being sold only in Diptyque stores in their respective cities.

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