Dillard Jones brings tranquility to his Kiwi Lake home

Jamie Kirchoffer begins her morning by gazing out at the still waters of Lake Bay, sipping coffee on the porch of her family’s retreat in Kiwi Lake. Peaceful calm gives way to quiet reflection and respect, something the Kirchhofer are eager to share with their growing family.

In late 2019, Jamie and her husband, Bruce, began dreaming of a place where their family would reunite with their six, soon to be seven, grandchildren. A separate space where little ones can be away from screens and distractions and immerse themselves in nature and play. Keen golfers, the couple was immediately drawn to the communities of the Cliffs on the crystal clear waters of Keowee, and hit upon the idea of ​​boating out to not just one, but two immaculate golf courses.

The couple, who originally hails from the Chicago suburbs and most recently Nashville, currently splits their time between Florida and South Carolina, finding the hills along Keowee Lake mild enough in the summer and fall.

Dillard Jones, Design/build/housing company, ensuring a seamless experience, even as Kirchhofer oversaw most of the building process remotely. “It was very smooth, and the team was very easy to work with. They take pictures every week, and you can go online and check in remotely.”

Dillard Jones: A Design, Build, and Live Approach

It’s by design, says Jessica Smith, vice president of Dillard-Jones. “Our Design-Build-Dwell approach was created to give our customers peace of mind,” she says. “Even if they are not local, they feel connected to the process.” The family was also able to make four field visits to see the construction process in person.

The design of the house is calm achieved. The welcoming charm of the arched front entrance and English country house facade opens up to rooms decorated in soothing colors and simple lines. “We loved the design for many reasons, but especially that every room has an uninterrupted view of the water, from the great room to the kitchen—even the laundry room has a view of the lake,” says Jamie. Nothing gets in the way of this focal point, the window treatments are light and airy.

The gabled roofline, arched doorways, and stone accents give the home’s design a timeless feel. “It was really important to me that our home be welcoming and warm, and that it would look as good today as it will decades from now,” Jamie continues. I put more thought into the lobby, realizing that the first impression should be inviting and hospitable. A choice of dynamic artwork from Breckenridge artist Christoph Kosmowski fills the space with muted shades of blues, while the front door archway curves and softens the space’s more modern lines.

The Dillard-Jones team brought the Kirchhofers’ vision to life, framing the living room windows with airy drapes to keep the focus on the lake view and outfitting each bedroom with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms for luxury and comfort. The color scheme is light and cool with shades of grey, blue and white, complementing the transitional lines of the contemporary furnishings and open staircase along with more traditional elements such as the rustic stone fireplace and exposed wood beams in the living area. The kitchen is light and open and ready to host and nurture a family for years to come. “

“Nothing gets lost in translation when our architects, interior designers and building professionals hear the same thing directly from our clients and are then able to work together to make it a reality,” says Smith.

While design is the defining feature of the home, its use is of paramount importance to the Kirchhofer family. For Jimmy and Bruce, when it’s home full of family And the kids, then their lake house feels so complete.

did you know?

Dillard-Jones recently won a best-in-class overall bridge award from the Greenville Home Builders Association, which recognizes excellence in craftsmanship. “We take a lot of pride in their work and truly believe they deserve all the accolades,” notes homeowner Jamie. “They are a hardworking and dedicated team. It is well deserved.”

Photo by Inspiro 8 Studios.

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