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Deterring foxes: ‘Best’ ways to keep foxes out of your garden – ‘homemade’ repellent


Foxes can cause major problems in the garden because they mark their territory with nasty smells and droppings. They can also raid garbage and compost bins and dig up plants, flower beds and lawns for insects and worms. While gardeners can prevent these animals from entering their gardens, there are certain measures that should be taken to try and prevent the damage.

The team at The Expert Gate Company has shared six tips on how to keep your yard looking neat and tidy while also keeping foxes out of space.

1. Block access

The experts explained: “The best way to protect your garden from foxes is to block access to your property. This can be done by installing fencing and a driveway gate, as well as checking for gaps or holes in the edge of your property.

“Your property doesn’t have to be a fortress, but having boundaries to protect access to your yard will help keep foxes out.

“Foxes can jump quite high, so if you really want to keep foxes out of your yard, investing in tall fences and gates is a safe bet. This can also help keep cats and other animals out of your yard.”

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In the same way that certain scents can attract them, others can also be used to “deter” foxes. The pros explained, “Commercial fox repellents are an easy fix, but care should be taken when reading the instructions and you should try not to harm other wildlife.

“A homemade fox repellent is boiling water with chili peppers and garlic. Spray this mixture around your garden and foxes are less likely to visit you.”

4. Eliminate food sources

Foxes often enter gardens in search of food and leftovers and will keep returning to that point if they find one. This means it’s important to keep potential food sources out of foxes’ reach.

These can be animals such as chickens and rabbits, bird food, or fruits and vegetables that can grow in the garden.


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The experts continued: “Make sure outdoor animals are kept in secure enclosures so your pets can’t escape and foxes can’t get in.

“Place bird food high up where foxes can’t reach, and create safe borders around any food you grow.”

5. Store the waste safely

Foxes love to rummage in bins, again looking for food they can smell. Britons can avoid this by not leaving bins open and cleaning up food scraps on their property.

The pros recommended storing garbage in large containers, such as trash and recycling bins, and making sure the lids remain fully closed.

They added: “If foxes still manage to get into your waste, consider tying up the lids so they are inaccessible to wildlife. If the box is too hard to get into, a fox will probably give up and look elsewhere.”

6. Use motion sensors

The experts at The Expert Gate Company explain: “Because foxes often visit at night, it is difficult to scare them away yourself. So getting your hands on motion sensors can be a handy way to ward off curious foxes that you don’t want in your yard.

“Foxes don’t like to be disturbed, so sudden noises or lights will make them go away. Motion sensor lights are good for scaring foxes, but make sure they don’t disturb people sleeping in your house or surrounding houses.”

Another option is motion-sensing sprinklers, which use sudden jets of water to startle foxes and drive them away from your yard. However, this can also scare off other animals, such as cats.