Designing for the kids: making space for kids

The children’s room is the heart of the house. It’s a magical space. Therefore, the central idea when designing for them remains that it is a space that is thought through; that helps children develop a well-rounded personality and gives them gentle nudges to be more creative, practical, organized and most importantly, happier. Here are four different kids’ rooms that will give you plenty of inspiration and ideas.


The Heirloom nursery is a neutral, elegant, dreamy and stylish nursery themed room, done in a muted gray aesthetic that shines a soft spotlight on the white furniture. A beautiful chandelier adds a luxurious look to a little baby’s first home. Leave some walls blank so you can add a bouncer, high chair, or stroller if needed. Another helpful tip to keep in mind when designing children’s rooms is to plan storage space well in advance because before you know it, the little babies have grown into toddlers and are armed with a battalion of toys, games, clothes and trinkets that should be neatly packed in their rooms.


The Savannah bedroom is designed for toddlers. It offers the little one a walk on the wild side with larger-than-life statement wallpaper in a concentrated area, animal-themed accessories and beautiful rustic furniture in warm, earthy palettes. One design mistake to avoid here would be to not go overboard with the animal theme and add animals to every element of the decor. Instead, choose a statement wallpaper, limit the animal motifs to a select few items, and keep the rest of the space clean and minimal. You can even add a few child-resistant potted plants.


The Confetti Play Room is done in neutral colors with the aim of letting today’s modern millennials be active at home. The crown jewel of the space is a multi-level play bed. It has two levels, the upper level is closed with a wooden fence, even on the lower level there is room for creativity. This area can be transformed into an art station, meditation corner, yoga room or book corner. The possibilities are endless. Two ladders on either side of the bunk bed provide access to a cozy hangout. A rule of thumb to follow is to hang cantilevered structures on the wall to ensure maximum safety. One should also consider the available space when planning a slide, as the slope must be at just the right angle. Adjust furniture according to the needs of the available space. For example, if the room is small, open all sides of the bunk bed to keep it airy and open and make the room seem more spacious.


The Wanderlust bedroom is a grow-to-grow, teal and white, minimalist room concept designed especially for little adventurers with world map wallpapers, car-shaped beds, ship-shaped lamps and more. Be careful not to overcrowd the space; if the room is small, remove the four posts from the car bed. A soft blue world map wallpaper embraces the calming side of the room, while the wardrobe and study table are in elegant white with touches of teal. It is always more effective to include a highlighted color, such as teal, in the palette and offset it with a second accent. Use LED strips in the wardrobe to accentuate decor accessories on the shelves.

Garima Agarwal is the founder of Peekaboo Interiors and Peekaboo Patterns. Based in Chennai, she specializes in furniture and design for the little ones. @peekaboo_interiors (Instagram)

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