Design Pataki’s DP Cult Platform Let you discover new furniture and decoration brands

The design landscape in India is constantly changing – global influences are stronger than ever, sustainability is increasing and conversations about interiors and architecture are increasing given the dominance of digital media. A recent discovery of ours while scouring the design world is Design Pataki’s unique #DPCULT platform – a place where designers and architects can discover new furniture and decor brands in an online environment. Design Pataki, one of India’s most influential digital magazines covering luxury interiors, art and lifestyle, has undergone a complete transformation since its launch.

Their revolutionary platform offers exclusive access to virtual showrooms of the best design brands in India, editorial deep dives and a podcast deconstructing the design world with leading industry experts. #DPCULT is a unique venture that has changed the way architects and designers come from India. Our favorite thing about the #DPCULT platform? Having the opportunity to discover homegrown, niche labels in one place, from the comfort of home.

We spoke to Design Pataki founder Esha Gupta to discuss the platform. “By being at the forefront of design trends in India and internationally, we have gained a keen understanding of the industry. Very often we are approached by innovative brands looking to break into the design community. On the other hand, architects and designers, especially those abroad, keep in touch with us constantly for our latest finds and top recommendations.Over time we have become more and more aware of this huge gap in the Indian design landscape and decided it was time to do something about it That’s how the idea for #DPCULT Showhouse was born,” she says.

Fortunately, the platform is very user-friendly. It contains filters that you can use to customize your search. For example, if you are only looking for carpet brands, you can scroll through the list by clicking on carpets so you can view the best carpet brands on the platform. Similarly, you can also filter by style (modern, Indian, classic, etc.) and location, among other things. The growing platform has more than 60 brands and is quickly attracting the attention of interior designers, architects and buyers in India and around the world. Ultimately, in a saturated ‘offline’ market, the digital platform highlights the best products ‘online’ to help people make easier and more informed decisions.

Aside from the virtual showroom directory, other verticals of #DPCULT include #ProEditorial with in-depth industry dives and expert opinions deconstructing the design world, #Spotlight, which highlights Indian design and decor brands, and finally, The Design Pataki Podcast consisting of bi-monthly audio episodes that promote thoughtful and incisive conversations with leading industry experts. In a world where digital is slowly taking over the physical, #DPCULT is an interesting new way to approach design.

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