Design inspiration can be found everywhere, even in your hair salon

Interior design is all around us, and inspiration for home updates doesn’t have to come strictly from Pinterest, Instagram, or the pages of a magazine (although we think you’ll find some here). We think the best home design results come when people get ideas from everywhere, including unexpected places like a hair salon or boutique.

The 100-year-old space that houses Salon du Sud and Salon du Sud Boutique is the kind of unexpected place we’re talking about. Owner Brittney Thrower’s goal when she brought her company to the space was to make customers feel at home. From the porch entrance to the accent walls to the large windows that let in plenty of natural light, read on for how the details of Thrower’s retail space can easily be brought home.

Photo by Malorie White Photography

Curb profession

One of the first things you notice when you stand in front of the salon is the light blue porch. Thrower wanted to keep the original plantation style alive. “They used to paint the porch light blue to cool it off from the heat; I didn’t want to take the history away from the house,” she says. It’s also a great way to add a fun pop of color in a place you least expect. For example, a dark green surrounds the front door and window frames. The dark color contrasts with the porch and creates dimension and depth while not looking too flat.

Grand entrance

Every large entrance needs a large chandelier, and although this one was original to the house, it was very dusty, dull and even lacked a few lamps and candle holders. “I went to Home Depot and bought a clear nail polish, and after I cleaned it really well with about three to four coats of nail polish, it looked like a brand new chandelier,” she says.

On the wall and front of the reception, Thrower added open shelving to housing products for sale. “We added the light-colored wood planks with black hardware to hang them; this really pulled out the wood floors and gave the whole entryway a new feel,” says Thrower. When used in a home, the shelves can display everything from plants to books to heirlooms.

Photo by Brittney Thrower

A piece of art

One way to show your personality while preserving the character of your space is to use old, antique window frames with the glass still attached and paint them something you love. “Using windows for art allows your wall color to show behind the art itself, while making the room less crowded,” Thrower says. And if you’re not much of an artist, it’s always a good idea to support a local artist. “All artwork in the salon is by Joseph Turpin with Turpin Art; he knew exactly the style I was going for and painted some very delicate flowers for us.”

Southern accent

Another great way to add character to a room is through the use of an accent wall. If you are going for a more rustic style for your space, a wooden wall can be the right solution. For the drawing room, Thrower kept a few wooden walls from the original house because she wanted to keep the personality. “We left one wall in each room with its naturally weathered wooden ship’s canopy to serve as an accent wall, and also kept it over the fireplaces. It gave the room some warmth,” says Thrower.

Another unexpected addition comes in the form of a garden wall. Increasingly popular in restaurants and other businesses, this trend brings some life and vibrancy to the space by bringing the outdoors inside.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can create your own masterpiece to add to your accent wall. For example, Thrower saw how many shampoo bottles they would use in the salon and decided to make a nice piece of art to hang in the laundry room. After cleaning the empty bottles, she added some faux succulents, and voil– a nice piece of art that binds the space together. “You could do the same at home with used mason jars or spray-painted plastic jars,” Thrower says.

For more inspiration, check out more photos from Salon Du Sud in the gallery below:

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