Decorative wall painting ideas for the living room

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Adding color to a living space with paint is a quick and easy way to add design and individuality. Nothing transforms a space like paint, whether it’s an oasis of peace or the home of a family with children. Take a look at these fantastic living room painting ideas to get ideas for your design. If you are looking for living room color combinations inspired by paint colors, these are ideal.

They were chosen for their suitability for trade shows, as well as being on-trend for the coming year – but ultimately timeless. The living room, as one of the main entertainment areas in the house, is the perfect place for a beautiful painting effect to attract attention. Using a bright yellow accent color produces a stylish area demarcation between two rooms as well as a unique focal point and design feature. The bright yellow accent adds a dramatic and contemporary touch to the area, which contrasts beautifully with the cream paint on the walls and the soft powder blue painted shelf.

Matching the paint on your walls to the color of your furniture is a wonderful option for a dramatic, monotonous effect if you want to paint your living room but are having trouble choosing the perfect shade. Gorgeous azure paint and matching twin sofas create a striking design that embraces paint and color in this living room. The overall appearance is a striking living room design, with metallic and wooden details providing warmth and contrast.

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