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Declutter your entire home in 4 simple steps with this method


Decluttering a room is one thing, but tidying up your entire home is a whole different ball game. You will need to be committed and determined, but you will also need to have a reliable plan of attack. Just as you wouldn’t go into battle without a tactical approach, you need a game plan when organizing your space — after all, decluttering is a battle of sorts. This is where the CORE 4 method can help.

This de-cluttering technique was developed by professional organizer Kayleen Kelly who specializes in chronic clutter and clients with ADHD. Most of us find deconstructing a daunting task, some more than others, but this method consists of just four simple steps that break down the task into manageable ones. When faced with cluttering a room, you apply each step before moving on to another space in the house to help keep your attention focused.

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