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A California ranch where late movie legends Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher once lived has just hit the market — and could come with a lot of celebrity memorabilia.

The 44-acre estate in Creston, called Freedom Farms, is being offered for $2.85 million by Home & Ranch Sotheby’s International Realty. It consists of a 7,800 square foot main house, barn, lake, hot springs and a few 17,000 square foot outbuildings. Prior to her and Carrie’s passing in 2016, Reynolds and her son, Todd Fisher, owned the property for the past three decades. “The family complex has been the site of hundreds of gatherings, sing-alongs and served as a quiet retreat for Hollywood’s elite,” the list notes.

Nestled in a private valley dotted with live oak trees and less than three hours from LA or San Francisco, Reynolds purchased the lot in the 1980s and installed the eight-bedroom, seven-and-a-half-bath main house in 1991. Central Coast cozy, lined with custom tile, woodwork and high ceilings. The walls here tell all kinds of stories, enlivened by artifacts, family heirlooms and old photographs.

The late actress Debbie Reynolds’ California ranch was just listed for $2.85 million

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A grand piano is the centerpiece of the living room, son Todd . says SF port is the same “who accompanied Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Dean Martin.” Elsewhere is a home theater where Reynolds and Carrie would screen their pick of over 5,000 movie titles, which are said to be kept behind the projector.

Immediately outside are the barn and two sprawling warehouses. While the latter is mainly used for storage, you’ll also find a sound stage, recording studio and office spaces here. There’s even a cement helipad and loading docks.

Debbie Reynolds Ranch

The lot includes two warehouses filled with memorabilia from Debbie Reynolds’ memorable career

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“There are certainly some memorabilia I could say goodbye to… Certain pieces of furniture or certain pieces of art that I would be fine to leave behind are negotiable. But there are also things that don’t fit into that picture. There are some rare things on the walls, some really high-end photography and some family stuff,” Todd . says SF port. “But if the right person shows the right thing — let’s say care and concern — and I felt they would take care of something, I wouldn’t have a problem because that’s what Debbie wanted. She wanted to share that with her fans. And our storage space is bursting at the seams.”

hear that? This is your chance to own much more than just a piece of Hollywood history.

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Debbie Reynolds Ranch

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