Davison woman sentenced to probation for running over former Saginaw As she tries to take his dog away


SAGINAW, MI — Initially accused of trying to kill her boyfriend by running after him. One of Davison’s women is facing the possibility of going to jail if convicted. But after admitting the allegations Instead, the women were punished.

Polanda L. Bennett, 44, appeared in Saginaw County Circuit Court for a hearing on Tuesday, May 23, where the judge ordered two years probation. Bennett was also ordered to pay a fine and cost of $198, plus a monthly care fee.

During her probation, Bennett was forbidden from contacting her victim, David C. Neitzelt.

Bennett pleaded guilty in April to reckless driving causing serious bodily disabilities. Even though the charge is a five-year misdemeanor. But Bennett’s sentencing guidelines are calculated from five to 23 months.

in exchange for her request Prosecutors dismissed the charge of assault with intent to kill. which is an offense against life and cannot be terminated due to an accident that caused injury

Bennett’s conviction stemmed from an incident in the early morning hours of March 24, 2021. In an initial investigation in June 2022, Neitzelt, 52, testified that Bennett and others had visited his home on Green Street in Saginaw to drink and play cards

Sullen and Bennett attempted to leave with Neitzelt’s Chihuahua, laying them in her lap as she drove off, Neitzelt said he reached into Bennett’s car to try to grab his dog. When she made a U-turn and knocked him down.

“I said, ‘Let me adopt my dog. You’re not going anywhere with my dog,” Neitzelt testified. “She dragged me out of the driveway. When we hit the road That’s when the car ran over me. my lungs pierced I brain concussion a lot of things happened That’s what happened. I was in a coma for 21 days.”

while Neitzelt was hospitalized. Doctors twice told his family he was likely dead, he said, his injuries included a skin tear in his leg. broken right rib and penetrated the lungs and intestines

During the same trial, defense attorney Rod J. O’Farrell asked Nietselt, during the assembly He remembered flipping the table or pulling Bennett’s hair. He was also asked if he remembered chasing his sister with a knife or a stick. Neitzelt replied that he did not remember and denied having ever done so.


Neitzelt’s sister, Rachel Neitzelt, testified that her brother was “crazy, screaming, like he always does when drunk.” Her brother hit her once. which the father of the children Her punches him and knocks him down.

Bennett picked up David Neitzelt’s dog as she climbed into the driver’s seat of her car and Rachel Neitzelt sat in the passenger seat. The latter testified that David Neitzelt opened Bennett’s door and retrieved his dog. said his sister

at that point Bennett reversed the car and ran over her brother. an eyewitness said

“I felt we ran over his body,” she said. “I screamed and jumped out of the car to go see him.”

Her brother opened his eyes as he muttered uninterruptedly, she said.

Bennett “told me to get in the car, ‘let’s go’ and let him go, we were gone,” said Rachel Neitzelt.

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