DAISO flagship store in Jurong Point has multiple areas and free tote bags

DAISO flagship store in Jurong Point

Once upon a time, Daiso was a $2 shopping paradise. Despite its high price, we would be lying if we said we weren’t impatiently waiting for the first DAISO flagship store To unlock in Jurong Point Come May 25.

Spanning 14,891 square feet, the largest Daiso in Southeast Asia will be the first to carry a massive car 80,000 products Across 3 different home and lifestyle brands: DaisoAnd Standard Products And three times.

Take note: As of May 1, DAISO items start at $2.14. As for Standard and Threeppy products, 70% of the goods will be sold at 300 JPY (~ 6.21 SGD) and the rest will vary in price. We just peeked at the new store and here’s what you can look forward to.

Sustainable Home Appliances as per Standard Products

The Scandinavians may have started the minimalist interior design trend, but the Japanese are definitely killing it Standard Products. Think a neutral color palette, sleek design, and clean aesthetics.

Here you will find a variety of household items such as kitchen utensils, stationery and home decor. Things like knives and utensils are made using premium Japanese steel from cities like Gifu and Nigata that are famous for their craftsmanship.

Daiso flagship store in Singapore

The rest of the goodies like cups, bowls, and plates emulate the Moji vibe without the high price tag. Plus, they can all be stacked, so you won’t have to worry about them taking up space. If you are thinking of adding some simple touches to your home, this is it.

Daiso flagship store in Singapore

Besides household goods, other highlights at Standard Products include sturdy pencils, lightweight notebooks, fluffy Imabari towels, and sustainable wood products like fire starters and phone holders.

Pastel Lifestyle Products by Threeppy

meColorful home products with twisted geometric shapes are more crowded, this way three times.

Daiso flagship store in Singapore

Unlike the clean lines and natural textures of Standard Products, the shelves at Threeppy are filled with items in pastel shades of mint, pink, and gray. Besides the usual shady stuff like cutlery and household goods, you can get jewelry, makeup, and fashion accessories here.

threeppy- Singapore

Gentlemen, if you want to get gifts for scoring cakes with your friend, head to the lanes of Threeppy.

Daiso flagship store in Singapore

Free snag tote bags and bestseller value bundles

for two days only, May 25 to 27When you spend at least $30, you’ll get free credit Xiu shopping bag Made of recycled cotton.

Daiso flagship store in Singapore

but that is not all. DAISO’s bestselling products, like melamine magic sponges and grease wipes, come in value packs, so you don’t need to go back often.

Visit the first flagship store of DAISO in Southeast Asia

Japan’s favorite discount store DAISO operates in 27 different locations around Singapore. But its biggest outlet is about to invade Jurong Point and things could become dangerous for your wallet.

Jurong Point Desu

Try to exercise some restraint as you fill your baskets with items from Standard, Threeppy, and DAISO products. We know you can do that.

Visit DAISO flagship store in Jurong Point

Title: 1 Jurong West Central 2, #03-37, Singapore 648886
work hours: Daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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