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Daily announcements for Wednesday, January 25, 2023


New students will get a personal chat tomorrow While giving advice in a conference room. All new students will attend and be called at the start of counseling. Leave all books and hardware in the extension.

So… do you want to hear something really scary? Hmm…then E-661 Introduction to Gothic Fiction is for you!

Come explore the world of metaphysics in literature…with authors like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ira Levine, and more. Have you heard of the Pope Lake monster? Urban legends of musicologist Bobby Mackie or a Waverly Hills stalker? Get ready to explore the local urban legend and folklore as we explore local landmarks like the Brown Hotel, Seelbach, Actors Theater and more. In addition, you can take part in a private investigation overnight in Waverly Hills.

The class is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors of all LODs. Register for class through PowerSchool. Email Ms. Darby at [email protected] for more information.

Voices of the Holocaust tell stories of bravery, vigilance, and perseverance. The struggles of the victims of the Holocaust are at the core of Trinity’s history elective course, T251, The Holocaust. In this course, students explore how the Nazis controlled one of humanity’s most horrific atrocities, as well as investigate the horrors of concentration camps through the words of those who experienced them. We must tell the story. We must never forget.

The class is open to juniors and seniors of ALL LODs. Register for class through PowerSchool. Email Ms. Darby at [email protected] for more information.

Sci-Fi E601. We read, watch, write, create, and most of all, speculate about what the future holds. The class covers novels, short stories, films, and even songs and art. Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality! See Mr. Daniel in room D223 for more information.

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors! Do you want to publish your writings, photography and videos online? When you choose classes for next year, sign up for E512 Online Newspaper Journalism! Share your talents with the world!

Call for artistic participation

Trinity’s 2022 “Answer the Call” Student Phonathon T-Shirt Design


We accept applications from any current student at Trinity High School – you do not have to sign up for an art class.


Trinity’s annual Phonathon embraces the theme of “answering the call.” We are looking for designs that reflect the efforts and importance of this event.

Design criteria:

All design proposals must meet the following criteria:

Put the word “Trinity” or force “T” somewhere in the overall design.

Have the phrase “answer the call” somewhere in the overall design.

It consists of only 3 colors: green, black and white.

The design should be arranged in a portrait (vertical) direction.

They are rendered in either colored pencil, paint, black mustache, or Indian ink; Or they can be created and printed from a computer design program.

Sent on plain white paper no larger than 9 by 12 inches

Obviously, the photos must be tasteful and appropriate.


Entries will be judged by a 4-member panel from Trinity High School; Shane Hall, an art teacher; Jimmy Cerucci, art teacher; Adam Klein, House Principal; Michelle Walters, Trinity Institution.


The winning design will receive a $50 gift card of their choice.


All entries must be submitted to Mr. Hull, Room 173 CAC Building, by 3 p.m., Thursday, February 24th.

Entries will be judged on Friday, February 25th, and the winner will be notified on Monday, February 28th.

If you have any questions at all, please see Mr. Hull. good luck!

Hey Rox! You can see hundreds of photos and stories in your student newspaper, and sound echo.

scan the sound echo At – or click sound echo Link at You can also follow sound echo On Twitter (@trinity_echo) and Instagram (ths_echo)!

home news:

The House Connect 4 tournament is right around the corner. The tournament will include two rounds. The first round will take place within counseling groups Thursday, February 2nd. The winner of each mentor group will advance to the second round. The second round will take place on Monday, February 6th. Participants will compete in a tournament category. The upper half of Arc (Aquinas-Gonzaga) will contest F342 and the lower half of Arc (Merton-Toussaint) will contest F346. The final and third consolation matches will be played at F342. 1st place – 20 points, 2nd place 15, 3rd place – 10 points, 5 home points to all other houses


The forensic club will meet Monday, February. 13 3-4pm on F133 with Ms. Musa.

This Saturday, Trinity Academic District won 26. That’s 5y Once in 6 years the rocks won the region. Trinity defeated the Faculties and Sacred Heart to claim the crown.

The fast-recall team of Captains Krish Gupta, Anthony Holder, John Kehdi and Will Yorji won in impressive fashion by defeating Sacred Heart 51-10, then Collegiate twice 39-14 and 39-24. The 51 points is the highest Mr. Amick can remember seeing a Trinity team score in his 15 years of coaching.

A future problem-solving team of Joseph Eng, Leo McAllister, Jason Bowie, and Emerson Cardoza, and trained by Dr. Stump, has also won and will advance to the district.

Putting the rocks to the individual test and applying to the area are:

Anthony Holder – 1St in language arts

JFK – 1St in science and 5y In mathematics


Liam Amick – 1St in Arts and Humanities and 2Abbreviation II in language arts

Leo Reinhart – 1St in social studies

Krish Gupta – 2Abbreviation II in Arts and Humanities and 4y In mathematics

Rob Powers – 2Abbreviation II in science

Will Yorkie – 2Abbreviation II in social studies

Parker Glass – 3Research and development in Arts and Humanities

Red Fieldhouse – 3Research and development in the composition of the English language

John Oliver – 4y in science and 5y in social studies

Matthew Federico and Evan Belcher – tied for 5y in the composition of the English language

Coach Amick notes that Trinity’s points total of 64.5 is the most points scored by a Trinity district in school history with records dating back to 1986. Please give all of these players a well-deserved congratulations!

The video game club will meet on Friday Right after school. Join us at T105 at the Technology Center! We welcome new members.

The investment club will hold its first meeting in 2023 on Friday at 210pm on the D123. The club will use this meeting to prepare for play in the spring stock market simulation game starting next week.

Please contact Coach Schroeder with questions. Go capital gains rock!

The Chinese, French, German and Spanish clubs will go to TOP GOLF after school Tuesday 31 JanuarySt 3:30 to 5 p.m. You must reserve your spot now! See Mr. Wilson or Mr. Cuenca for details. Bring money for your food.

Attention all pre-medical students or those interested in surgery: this will be our next meeting Today In Mr. Bodnyak’s room F-135 from 3-4 p.m. Trinity grad Eric Gustafsen will talk about his experience with medical programs and currently as a podiatric surgeon. Make plans to attend!

It will be the next meeting of the Black Student Union tomorrow In the library during counseling at 8:15. see you there!

The Inner Peace Club will meet at church on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Interested students should pass to Mr. Shum that morning. For more information, see Mr. Schum’s F245.

The esports champion in your state will be holding test trials this week. Ultimate Smash today and tomorrow 3:15-4:30. You have to email Coach Greenwell by Friday if you’re going to try it!

The Culinary Club will meet Tuesday, February 7th 3:15 in the college dining room.

Uno club next meeting Today.

Anime club meeting Today From 3-4 pm in Mrs. Musa’s room F133. It is a classic speed racing game.

We are in the process of bringing new members to participate in the Kentucky United Nations Association – KUNA. Let Mr. Serrano, Ben McBride, or Chris Raymer know if you’d like to join. Meetings are held every Thursday at 3 pm in room F241. Contact us at [email protected], Christopher Reimer [email protected], Benjamin McBride [email protected]

Reminder: The Ping Pong Club meets everyone Second and fourth Thursday Every month after school in the convocation hall.

Reminder: Tim’s fly club meets every First and third Thursday Every month in Mr. CM’s F332 right after school.

Reminder: Electronic’s Club meets everyone Monday After school at F332 Mr. CM. New members are welcome to join!


The Trinity Tennis Team will hold our inaugural meeting for the 2023 season Friday It’s 2:15 p.m. in Mr. Hull’s class, C173 at the Center for Communication Arts. The meeting is for both returning players and other students who may be interested in trying out for the team. We will discuss test dates, required forms, player expectations and match schedules. If anyone new is interested in getting more information about this season please contact Coach Hull.

There will be a Trinity Baseball player/parent information meeting prior to testing at Tuesday, Jan 31 6:00 pm in the Alumni Hall. Anyone interested in trying out Trinity Baseball this spring should attend this meeting with a parent.

Open volleyball hall in Shamrock Hall Monday, 1/30 From 6-7 pm


Fri / Sat SHA All Heart Tourney


Friday F/JV/Varsity at Madison Central 5pm/6pm/7:30pm

Saturday F / Varsity vs Atherton at Trinity 1pm / 2:15pm


A training week before the Saudi State Championship (February 7)

ice hockey

Friday vs Metro Louisville in Iceland at 8 p.m

Swimming and diving

Practice Week before the Saudi Arabia Region Meet (3 February)


Saturday State Duos in Atherton every day