Creative kitchen decor from Instagram

If you’ve ever visited an artist’s home, you know how perfectly eclectic their decor can be. Strokes of color here, touches of whimsy there.

And while many of us strive to have a home that reflects our own creativity, this is often easier said than done. Where do you start if you want to include it I do not know what into your home? Well, we have some ideas.

This week’s design trends from Instagram offer a one-and-done solution to make your kitchen unique. We scoured all the posts to find inspiration that straddles the line between fun and daring decor while still fitting in with an overall modern theme. Here are five trendy eclectic looks that will help turn your kitchen into an eye-catching work of art.

1. Pink and black kitchen

Who said this 90s pink and black color scheme had to be left behind? Well, let’s just say they were wrong – as anyone admiring this punk rock design from @pinkspopr can attest.

“Black reigns in 2022 as a color of choice for many designers,” says Jenna Morrow, owner of interior design company The Morrow Home. “The days of combining black and white with neutral shades are over. This pink and black kitchen is an example of using color to make a bold statement, create contrasts and play with juxtaposition. By using two drastically different colors, the eye can appreciate each one individually.”

Get the look: Pair this shade of Pink Ground with this off-black paint.

2. Botanical corner

Do you have an underutilized corner of your kitchen? So why not spice it up with a botanical theme as we see in this photo from @etalageuk.

“The botanical corner trend is popular because it brings natural elements into the kitchen,” says the designer Kate Diaz, by Swanky Den. “This can make the space feel more relaxing, which is a great quality for a kitchen. Some pairing ideas for this trend include using earth tones in the room or natural materials like wood or stone.”

Get the look: Display your favorite spices in jars, throw in a few spring flowers, then complete your botanical corner with a set of vintage prints.

3. Modern cafe curtains

Whether you serve fancy coffee drinks or not, you can definitely make your kitchen feel like a place where artists gather by adding a pair of these cafe curtains from @ohara_interiors.

“One of the main reasons why modern cafe curtains are so popular is because they work well in different settings and add a touch of style to any room,” says Diaz. “Often made from high-quality materials, these curtains are also a good choice for their durability.”

Get the look: Bring latte vibes into your kitchen with these Billups floral cafe curtains.

4. Countertop cabinets

Looking for extra kitchen storage that isn’t your typical bulky wall-mounted cabinets? Then check out this solution from @rebeccaandgenevieve.

“The last two years have changed how we use our homes, especially common spaces like the kitchen,” says Morrow. “Storage and functionality have become more important than ever, paving the way for the trend of table cabinets. A lot of storage real estate is lost in the kitchen between upper and lower cabinets, so designers are helping homeowners maximize space while providing better accessibility and contributing to a kitchen’s overall aesthetic.”

Get the look: Snap up a pair of these Symphony wall cabinets for optimal storage-meets-style.

5. Stove alcoves

No matter how you stack up your storage, you’ll love this next eclectic kitchen style from @layeredindesign.

“As the saying goes, everything old is new again. Range hoods are certainly no exception,” says Morrow. “Wood stove hoods were popular in the Victorian era, but they’ve become a trend in recent years with their ability to add character to the kitchen. From using different tiles in the alcove to incorporating intricate molding along the perimeter, oven alcoves create visual interest and are another way to add color to any kitchen.”

Get the look: Find a local designer or builder who can help make your alcove dreams come true.

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