Create a home in perfect harmony with its surroundings, but Jeremy Spencer of Janine Stone

Architects and interior designers with extensive experience creating, renovating and renovating homes understand that success depends on a large number of factors, not the least of which is the way it relates to its surroundings. Jeremy Spencer of Janine Stone told Giles Chayem how their company, as an interdisciplinary practice, can bring together skill sets that create a balance between the inside and the outside.

Why do you think the view from home is so important?

A cheerful view of any kind – whether it’s tall views of the open countryside or just a well-designed city park – will add a great deal of home enjoyment. If the property is carefully configured, these offerings will also enhance the sense of interior space by blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior.

How is this achieved most effectively?

Regardless of the size and configuration of the windows and doors, much is due to the interior design of the furniture and its relationship to the landscape adjacent to the house. A good transition also requires planning finer details, such as keeping floor levels and materials the same inside and out. This relationship is obviously easier to manage when adding extras, especially the kitchen where the seamless connection between the inside and the outside is a huge advantage.

Garden views will enhance the enjoyment of the property.

How can relationship management in more formal rooms?

With planning, it’s a relationship that can be achieved in any room; However, each space requires a different approach. It is a pity that the composition of the living room encourages you to turn your back to a beautiful view, which is often the case in many homes. Even if a room’s layout is constrained by other factors, such as layout constraints, there are always ways to make the most of outside offerings. It’s often a relationship that depends on good access, so even if the space doesn’t have direct access, proximity to outside doors is something to consider.

In some spaces, a large amount of glass is not necessarily the answer, as this can make considerations such as lighting and hanging pictures an issue. Also, too much light can be a disadvantage as well as an advantage. When building a new home or renovating an old one, these are all considerations that must be weighed at the beginning of the project and the rooms that will benefit most from the good relationship between the exterior can be placed accordingly. When the result of a collaboration between an architect, interior designer and landscape designer, the result can be flawless.

A Match Made in Heaven: In this new home designed by Janine Stone, the architecture is in perfect harmony with the beautiful garden.

How does one maximize the possibilities of visibility in the design of the upper levels of a home?

The bedrooms and bathrooms will be greatly improved by the outside views. As well as stairs that can be designed as huge light wells with beautiful views that can be enjoyed as you walk around. However, even if planning and conservation limit opportunities, there are all kinds of features a good architect and interior designer can offer, such as landing with benches or simply a window seat that will make the most of your surroundings. It’s all in the details.

Attention to detail will make a huge difference in the appearance of a home.

What opportunities does a yard provide?

Enclosed spaces can be a great addition to the home, creating a sheltered environment that provides not only a private place to relax and entertain, but also a pleasant view to rooms that might otherwise have little to no view.

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