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Game: courage and greed
TypeAction, adventure, platformer
System: Steam (Windows and Linux) (also on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS4)
Developer | publisher: Rica Games | Team 17
controller support: yes
price: £15.99 in the UK | $19.99 | 19.99 euros
Release date: November 15, 2022

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Find riches

Courage and greed It is a 2D action game with roguelike mechanics. I now know that some readers may roll their eyes when they hear this genre again. The idea of ​​designing a game where similar levels repeat run after run as you get a little closer to the end might not be an attractive idea. But what if I tell you Courage and greed Don’t try to be different. With a brawler-like combat style, an engaging fantasy setting and the ability for up to four friends to come along for the ride. Courage and greed It might restore your faith in roguelikes and even make for a very good game night.

A group of adventurers in a tavern discuss their next quest for riches. To reach the biggest score they’ve ever seen in the depths of the dungeons, they need to collect 4 MacGuffins across 4 dungeons. Obtaining these will not be an easy task. Each dungeon is full of monsters, strange trap, and challenging boss confrontation. All of which want to stop you in your tracks. The story isn’t the biggest focus of the experience, things are brief and to the point with the gameplay doing most of the talking. The game has an extensive codex for every enemy you encounter and item you capture, so if you want to learn more about the game, you can dive right into it at your leisure between runs.

Quarrel and plunder

Only the brave

Courage and greed The gameplay is incredibly fun to pick up and play. The hack-and-slash style gameplay is instantly accessible to players of all skill levels, but it takes practice to master. You are able to attack enemies directly but you can also push them in the air and drop them to the ground. It gives the game a satisfying brawler feel.

You have four characters to choose from, each with their own unique movesets and abilities such as trickster, mage, and warrior. I found the Amazon character to be my favourite, using a mighty sword to deal slow but heavy melee damage and an easy parry move to counterattack. She also has a nifty chakram, a small circular blade that you can hurl from a distance. Although you need to make sure to press the button to catch it when it flies again to avoid taking unnecessary damage. I felt completely satisfied throwing it into a crowd and still holding it while I was fighting off the enemies.

Before you go, the game lets you go through a brief tutorial to get you used to the game’s movesets, although you may need to replay this with different characters as it only covers the character you choose.

LadiesGamers Courage and Greed
You can hug the wolf

Head into the dungeons

Once it’s ready for races, dungeons are fine in this case. It’s the familiar formula of entering a room, taking out waves of enemies and searching every nook and cranny for chests and secrets. All your progress is tracked by an easy to use map, once you reach the large door to the boss room you can teleport back to previous rooms to cover any missing areas. Sometimes you’ll come across the odd seller who will exchange your enchanted gold for items or buy new items.

You will come across many statues that will allow you to choose a new perk, which will remain with you for the rest of your run. Mixing these perks with specific elemental items will buff them further, for example wearing a glove with a fire blast can be buffed further with the right perk. Sometimes you will encounter a wounded or imprisoned NPC such as a wolf, who you can recruit to fight with you.

It was nice to get help, but they have a bad habit of getting in trouble with enemies. However, they are able to avoid traps without taking damage. My heart has been broken many times when my wolf perished in battle.

LadiesGamers Courage and Greed
Not many clients can get into a dark prison

Greed pays off

As with roguelike mode, death will be inevitable but not the end of the world. All the gold you earned in the race will pour into your “Greed-o-meter”, this meter increases the level of unlocking random items. Some of these include new equipment that you may encounter in a future race, other times it may be a new NPC to recruit to help you on your quest. You can unlock a card that can be activated at the start of a new round. These tend to have both positive and negative effects on activation. For example, they may increase the gold you find but the enemies will deal more damage.

During most of my runs I tend to unlock certain items, so the incentive to come back again to go again is very attractive. Runs can be very long, and in some cases, I’d go over the hour mark. If you need to jump in, you can do so and pick up the adventure, but the game didn’t say when it was saved. To play it safe, I often completed the dungeon I was in before logging out.

The feature I really liked about After Death is that you can choose the starting dungeon provided you have completed it. This means that you don’t always have to play the same first level over and over again. Just keep in mind that the levels will get more difficult as you progress. Speaking of difficulty, I think the mini-fight goes up a notch, especially in the boss fights. It still hasn’t stopped me from coming back for more.

LadiesGamers Courage and Greed
Sorry to disturb your hibernation

Bring the team

The game provides you with the option to take friends with you in raiding the dungeons. This can be done locally or online but it doesn’t look like you can mix the two together. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test the internet during the review because the servers were empty. In co-op, you’ll be able to play the main adventure, take on more crowd or get involved in some PvP action if you want to settle who needs to do the dishes one night. While the multiplayer looks the best, I will point out that I still enjoyed playing this in single player.

The graphics are familiar pixel designs but with some nice detailing to them. The dungeons are dark and sinister and the music matches the ominous tone as you delve into the unknown. Each dungeon has a unique theme such as vegetation, lava, or ice. Dungeons are littered with rats scurrying about and spider webs dot the ceiling. You don’t exactly feel welcome in these places before you meet enemies. While the tone might look dark in places, I didn’t notice anything overly violent or bloody. Therefore, it may be appropriate to play with the whole family.

LadiesGamers Courage and Greed
Watch out for the traps

Conclusion – for the brave or the greedy

Courage and greed The roguelike experience was satisfying for me. But it’s also an example of a roguelike formula that’s starting to get a little familiar and in desperate need of an update. And I say that as a huge fan of the genre. Courage and greed It runs a strong recommendation from me because its combat is so satisfying, and I very much loved the fantasy setting. Having the ability to play this co-op online or locally also makes this one to be recommended to friends or family. If you are feeling greedy for another roguelike game, this will still provide you hours of entertainment.

Final verdict: I like it a lot

I like it very much

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