Council members work to encourage owners of damaged property to get repairs made – Kiowa County Signal

By Josanna Henry

Especially for the Signal Freelance reporter

The Greensburg City Council met at 6pm on 1st August with all members present except Reeves. The meeting was opened with prayer and the agenda was approved with the addition of the coverage of a city ordinance and without comment from the citizens.

The first task was the discussion of executive order #1112. This was an annual update to keep the City of Greensburg up to date with statewide standards and was composed of changes to standard traffic rules and the Uniform Public Offenses Code. This was approved by all four councilors very quickly and they moved forward to discuss several properties that have suffered serious damage.

Some properties in disrepair have been worked on and will be ready for occupancy in the next few months. Several of these properties have received better attention and are being cleaned up to no longer be susceptible to disease and health codes. With these properties, they discussed different ways to communicate with the owners of the properties to continue working on the properties and improve them. The properties are in compliance but still need some work. The City Council decided to create a letter that will be sent to the owners with a specific time frame to contact the city to have time to begin a repair process and ensure the buildings are well within city code. A motion was made to begin the process of creating an official ordinance for these properties, the motion was carried by a unanimous vote.

The next topic was the discussion on preventive maintenance of the asphalt streets on the east side of Greensburg. City Administrator Stacey Barnes presented the three options that could be implemented for this maintenance to the council. All three products and companies wanted to rejuvenate the pavement, but the Onyx treatment was discussed as a more long-term product. Discussion followed with councilors considering the Onyx product and the price differences compared to the E-fog treatments.

A drastic price difference was noted when comparing the products, so councilors decided to take a closer look at estimates and costs that might provide a more budget-friendly solution. The board decided to end the discussion without further action.

City staff reports were then presented to the council, which began with a notice of the revenue neutral rate sent out to the county clerk on time. That notice will then be sent out to the public, and Barnes told council members to “be prepared for questions.” The budget hearing will be held on Monday 22 August and will be categorized as a special meeting.

Barnes reached out to the PEC about the water and sewer expansion to get a review of the specifications for the council to consider at the next meeting. There are building code revisions in the works and the streets are being repaired by public works.

Primary election day was August 2. The local election results will be published when the county has received the votes.

The joint evening was planned for Saturday from 6-10 in the park. This was the last of the reports and the meeting moved on to Board comments. The comments were a few clarifications and then the council went into the scheduled executive session. After leaving the closed session, the meeting was adjourned without further discussion.

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