Colorful and Textured DIY Headboard Ideas

There are a few decor pieces that stand out in our bedroom, but more often than not our eyes go straight to the bed (and not just because we like to curl up under the covers after a long day). This do-it-yourself headboard ideas adds some detail, color and texture to the wall and will completely transform your space.

We love these colorful DIY headboard ideas

We love all the colors of the rainbow, and if you’re making your own colorful headboard, mix the usual order with different shades. There are so many different colors with similar undertones that you can use in different decor pieces in your bedroom.

Do you have a mat with a pattern that you love? Use it! The method you use to attach it to your walls will depend on whether you rent or own your space (for example, you don’t want to nail anything into the walls when you rent), but Command hooks are a great option.

This one DIY pegboard headboard is great for a few reasons. You can attach hooks to the board to hang shelves, lightweight artwork and plants. *And* because it’s a pegboard, the hooks are fully customizable, so you can change it up whenever you feel inspired.

A super easy way to brighten up the wall above your bed is to get a strip of colorful and attractive wallpaper. It’s like adding one mural to your bedroom without much painting. There are so many patterns and aesthetics that you can discover there that there is a wallpaper for everyone.

If your room is small, or if you don’t want to use another piece of furniture, consider painting a headboard directly onto your wall. Creating a clean and even crescent moon like this DIY headboard is actually easier than you might think. Figure out how high you want the paint to go and cut a piece of string the same length. Then you can draw a light outline on the wall with the string and a pencil.

We’ve seen LED bulbs go viral on social media over the past year, but if you like a more bohemian look, make a headboard with some fake ivy leaves. They’re lightweight (meaning it doesn’t take much to stick them to the wall), and because they’re fake, they won’t die.

These DIY headboard ideas will breathe new life into your bedroom

Upholstered headboard

For anyone who likes a little texture, this Upholstered headboard is an easy way to add dimension to your space. And because you add the fabric to the foam, you can choose what kind of fabric you like best. Glam jewel tones contrast nicely with a simple and geometric throw.

Pool noodles also work for DIY headboards of various shapes. This choice is similar to the rainbow shape, but uses green velvet instead of all the different colors for a cohesive and sophisticated finish. You can build the round shape on the edges of a piece of foam and then cover the whole thing with glue and fabric.

Go big or go home by turning your entire wall into a headboard. We love how this striped ombré wall fades from yellow to red and how it pairs perfectly with the bedspread. Make it extra fun by adding wallpaper or stickers to your other walls.

You can use an already assembled wooden slatted panel for this DIY headboard, or you can make your own with a screwdriver and some pieces of wood. This piece looks natural and since the panels sit on top of the back shelves, it also adds just the right amount of dimension.

\u200b\u200bAsymmetrical painted headboard

Your headboard doesn’t have to be just one color, and this two-tone Asymmetrical painted headboard is the perfect example. Take an existing headboard, or one of these DIYs, and figure out where you want the colors to come together. Then you can just tape it off, paint it and voila.

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