Fund at Philadelphia Foundation supports women’s housing needs

PHILADELPHIA, August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The VBC Giving Foundation (VBCGF) just released a $95,000 grant from the Philadelphia Foundation Coles House Fund to support its efforts to help female veterans break the cycle of homelessness. The Coles House Fund grant is designed to provide security deposit, rent, and utilities to female veterans seeking permanent housing in VBCGF’s Veterans Village. The new 47-unit Affordable Veterans Residential Community, located at 5127 Duffield Street in Northeast Philadelphia Frankford, is the first project VBCGF has funded in fulfillment of its mission to provide quality, dignified, supportive and affordable housing to those in need across the country.

“We are so grateful for the Coles House Fund’s support through the Philadelphia Foundation,” said Dana Spain, chairman of VBCGF. “This donation will help female veterans transition from shelter and recovery programs to permanent housing in Veterans Village. This funding will directly help these women break the cycle of homelessness.”

“Women are taking on combat roles in the military,” Spain noted. “It is imperative that we support them when they return as we see an increasing number of female veterans coming home with PTSD and other challenges. Having a safe, respectful place to call home is the first step to their future success. to assure.”

The Coles House Fund, a Donor Advised Fund established in 2002 by the Philadelphia Foundation, has its origins in a young women Board Home Association founded in 1865 by Mary Coles to increase women’s ability to find a job by providing them with safe, comfortable and affordable housing when they come Philadelphia for work or study.

The housing proved so popular that Coles brought in donations to acquire four adjacent mansions on the 900 block of Clinton Street that eventually housed 74 women. When the organization ceased operations after more than 135 years, the buildings—then on the National Register of Historic Places—were sold, with the proceeds used to establish the Philadelphia Foundation fund to help meet women’s housing needs forever. in Philadelphia.


The VBC Giving Foundation was established by Volumetric Building Companies (VBC) to address America’s housing crisis and give back to the communities it serves. Through the foundation, VBC creates an opportunity to bridge the housing gap and provide supportive and affordable housing to those in need: adults with special needs; veterans; seniors; and working families, including demographics.

The foundation is powered by VBC’s robust national coalition of modular manufacturing companies, suppliers of raw materials and finished materials, developers and real estate experts across the country. With generations of combined experience, VBC is strategically poised to meet the increasing need for affordable and supportive housing by using a proven, time-saving and eco-friendly method of deploying high-quality modular multi-family projects across all sectors in need, and for every community across the country. These projects will ease the housing burden for municipalities and other national agencies and contribute to sustainable, thriving neighborhoods.

Veterans Village (VV) is a new construction permanent residential community of 47 units for veterans. As the first project led by the VBC Giving Foundation, VV will serve as a template for future housing projects for seniors, veterans, adults with special needs and other vulnerable populations across the country. The Joan & Bernard Spain Family Foundation provided the seed funding needed to complete this project.


Founded in 1918, the Philadelphia Foundation strengthens the economic, social, and community vitality of Greater Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Foundation grows effective philanthropic investments, connects individuals and institutions across industries and geography, and promotes civic initiatives through partnerships and collaboration. The Philadelphia Foundation, a government-sponsored foundation, manages more than 900 charitable funds established by its donors and provides more than 1,000 grants and grants each year. For more information, visit

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