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Clean House on Defensive Staff, Newsome and NFL role goes too far


I don’t want to be that guy, but I’ve said this move was a mistake from when they introduced the idea last season. Give credit to Newsome when he tried to be a good soldier and embraced his role in the slot. He said the right things when it happened, but it made no sense. Why draft a player in a premium position in the first round, and if he plays great and shows great promise as a rookie, move him to the slot in his second season? The Browns didn’t have a single corner on their 53-man roster for 2022. It was just Newsome, who had never done it with any regularity before.

Another reason it was doomed from the start is the money. A high-end outside cornerback in the NFL can make $20 million a year, while the best Nickel cornerbacks in the league make about $5 million a year. Newsome’s game, unsurprisingly, fell away as he tried to play out of position admirably. At the end of the season, however, he spoke out about his future role with the Browns.

“It’s hard, especially to go from the outside in. I also like to play outside, so I mean it’s definitely a role I’d like to have, but even more so, I feel like I’d like to play it more in a would like to have more.” matchup base instead of just letting me in all the time. So yeah, that’s something I’m going to work through a little bit. “

More recently, Newsome took to Twitter and simply wrote “Outside!!” when retweeting a highlight of him, referring to where he’s lined up in the piece.


Newsome has always been good when lined up outside and he seems to prefer that to his role in 2022. It is certain that his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is aware of the difference in monetary value placed on his positionality and looks at Newsome’s role. defined forward. It will be quite intriguing to see how the Browns and especially the new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz want to use their cornerbacks. The Browns have three good ones, and if they want them all on the field at once, Newsome could be asked to play back inside, which he’s already pushing again. At the very least, the Browns need to acquire a real cornerback this off-season so that Newsome isn’t forced in all the time. Cornerbacks tend to miss games, so if the Browns have two healthy from Denzel Ward, Newsome and MJ Emerson, plus a slot cornerback, it will potentially give Newsome the freedom to play outside more regularly.

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