Christmas is coming early for those who can’t wait – kindred spirits show their excitement

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When is it too early for Christmas decorations?

With December less than a week away, it’s not hard to see trees, baubles and garlands already on display in most New Zealand town centers.

In retail stores, candles, ribbons, garlands and Christmas trees could be seen on the shelves last month, even before Halloween.

But for some, fairy lights and Santas should only be allowed after December 1.

So, is there a good time to be festive?

Joyce Morton, who lives in Mt Roskill, turns her home into the North Pole itself every year.

With over 100 Santas and an entire Christmas village, his house has been a neighborhood attraction for 25 years.

“I’m starting in October, I know people don’t agree with that, they think it’s silly. Before it took me a week but now it takes me almost 10 days to do it. I’m getting older.

“I don’t care what other people think of decorations before December.

“Sometimes at night, if there’s nothing on TV that’s really worth watching, I sit in my chair and of course it’s dark and all the lights are on, and that’s is absolutely magical.”

Krystal Poinga, who works as a service manager in Glendene, takes a full week off every November to set up her house.

“My boss knows I take a week off to decorate. If I could leave it all year, I would.

Aaron Redmond and his friend Atiria Chase.  Photo/RNZ
Aaron Redmond and his friend Atiria Chase. Photo/RNZ

“It’s joy and excitement for the children. I say the kids, but it’s actually me, they’re just an excuse,” Poinga said.

In total, Poinga collects dozens of boxes of Christmas decorations.

She said the reveal of all the decorations and illumination of the outdoor space is done in December, on her birthday.

“I get a preview because I have to test out what it looks like and when I decide to do the big reveal I get the whole family together for my birthday and turn on all the lights, it’s magic.”

Phillie Delany-Lott, a personal assistant who also lives in Auckland, is the creator of the Christmas Ideas NZ Facebook page, where people can swap decorating ideas.

“I was at the end of my maternity leave, and it was a bit of an emotional time. I needed something to lift me up a bit, so I thought I’d start this Christmas page and the people could participate if they wish and share their love of Christmas, because I love Christmas.

Delany-Lott said there is no rule of thumb when it comes to decorating.

“Everybody’s like ‘don’t put them up until December first because it’s bad luck.’ But you put them on and then it’s Christmas Day and suddenly the feeling is gone. Christmas comes and goes too quickly, so why not set them up earlier? »

Meanwhile, with two Christmas trees and dozens of decorations neatly spread across his living room, Onehunga resident Aaron Redmond said that when it comes to helping others with their trees, his own decoration sometimes comes last.

“Because I’m doing the whole house, it takes several weeks to get everything done. I’m going to start in mid-November and try to get our house done. But I have a lot of friends and family, so sometimes the mine is left for last.

Phillie Delany-Lott is the creator of the Christmas Ideas NZ Facebook page.  Photo/RNZ
Phillie Delany-Lott is the creator of the Christmas Ideas NZ Facebook page. Photo/RNZ

He said he thought their requests came through as soon as they saw his upright tree.

Redmond said some parts alone can cost up to $200.

“I’m trying to wait for the Boxing Day sales, but that leaves you with all that’s left. So I like to start earlier and sometimes I like to spend a little money on certain items.

He said his hunt for decorations lasted all year.

“Once Christmas is over and everyone’s not thinking about it, I already am. One of the things I pay attention to is what the Americans are doing, they’re really leading the way.

And on the early Christmas setting, Redmond said it’s never too early to start.

“My mother used to tell me ‘It’s not December 1st, you can’t do it’, but you know what? Christmas isn’t about rules, it’s about having fun.

“It’s about the joy it brings, the happiness it brings, so why not celebrate it sooner?”

Like it or not, it’s really starting to look a lot like Christmas.

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