Christmas decorations 2021: from candles to the star of the Christmas tree, here’s how to light up your home on December 25

Christmas is fast approaching and we are all busy shopping and decorating our homes. It’s the kind of festival where no matter how much we decorate our homes, we can never overdo it. The more lights and colors, the more happiness and warmth. If you are planning to do that little extra this time around, the following ideas will surely come in handy. And for those who are doing Christmas decorating for the first time, this will be a complete guide to get started. Christmas traditions around the world: From bad Santa Claus in Austria to steamy sauna in Finland, as you celebrate December 25, 2021, discover the strangest Christmas celebrations.

Christmas star

Star – the messenger and symbol of the birth of the child Jesus. No Christmas decoration starts without planting a star. A star light with LED lighting can be an attractive and energy-efficient way to welcome Christmas.

Christmas tree lights

A lush green Christmas tree in the living room is the next step for anyone planning to decorate their home for Christmas and what better than lights to brighten up your room. The tree can also be decorated with colored lights, glitter balls, snowmen and angels, snowflakes. It’s the perfect way to give the house the cheerful look of the Christmas season. Real or artificial Christmas tree: this Christmas 2021, choose your Christmas tree wisely by understanding the advantages and disadvantages.


Candles are instantly associated with Christmas. When used as decorative pieces, they bring an eye-catching hue to the environment. Scented candles can instantly set the mood for a party or dinner. You can also have a hanging candle holder with tiny candles to up the style quotient.

Custom mason jars

A striking addition to the windowsill or side table could be homemade mason jars. These can be simply decorated with a ribbon, lace, pinecones and a few leaves or flowers. They serve as cheap yet charming lamps to brighten up any corner of your home. Also, placing a tiny bit of Epsom salt under lights or candles gives a snowy effect!

If it’s on your front door, it’s a great way to welcome and impress guests. Plus, it’s probably the easiest way to give your exterior a festive look. Door wreaths give the perfect welcoming smile to the guests you have invited to your home for Christmas celebrations. So go ahead and be as creative as you want and make your Christmas more fun.

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